4 Cuticle Oil Pens For Easy Application

Cuticle oil pen

Today I’m gonna talk about 4 choices of cuticle oil pens for easy application of cuticle oil in well-managed manner.

It is recommended for manicure geeks to keep their cuticles moisturized and healthy to promote healthy nail growth and for being strong. Especially if you use fake nails regularly whether acrylic, dip powder, or gel nails you should have strong nail beds and it can only be possible if you got healthy cuticles.

While being concerned about the manicure do’s and don’ts you will be aware of the importance of cuticle oil application in this regard.

It is required to apply the right amount of good cuticle oil to your cuticles so that they don’t look much oily and not be dried.

A good cuticle oil pen with a firm tip and availability of good essential oils is the best tool to apply to your nail. But before you make a purchase read the below writeup to make a great choice for you.

1. Bliss Kiss Nail Oil Pen

Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Cuticle & Nail Oil
Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Cuticle & Nail Oil

Bliss kiss cuticle oil pens are a very good product with the best tip that makes your cuticles never dry and deposits no oil excess to your cuticles.

When you’re a nail technician or come in contact with acetone during manicure sessions you get your cuticles dried. In such a case bliss kiss cuticle oil pen, be a great gift to you which makes your cuticles irritation-free and hydrated every time.

The Bliss kiss cuticle oil pen contains jojoba oil, wax ester, vitamin A, vitamin E, Vanilla fragrant oil, and olive oil which makes your cuticles healthy and ensures your fast and healthy nail growth.

Why We Like It

  • Healthy moisturizer for your cuticle’s skin.
  • Heels skin damage and ensure healthy nails growth
  • Causes no skin infections.
  • Directly deposits the right amount of oil into your cuticles.
  • The sleek design of it.
  • Safe formula.

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2. The Body Shop Cuticle Oil Pen

The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil

Bliss kiss cuticle oil pens are the best choice to buy for everyone who requires a great cuticle oil pen but are a bit costly to afford. So, if you want an affordable or budgeted choice, you’ll choose the body shop cuticle oil pen.

These cuticle pens by the body shop come with exact firm tips like bliss kiss pens and use jojoba oil as the primary ingredient as in bliss kiss.

Why We Like It

  • Healthy moisturizing properties.
  • Promotes healthy nails growth
  • Affordable price
  • Very similar to a bliss kiss cuticle oil pen
  • Causes no skin infections.
  • Firm tips.
  • The sleek design of it.
  • Safe formula.

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3. L Occitane Cuticle Oil Pen

L'Occitane Nail and Cuticle Shea Oil
L’Occitane Nail and Cuticle Shea Oil

L’Occitane cuticle oil pen’s great strength is having Shea oil as a basic ingredient as the above options contained jojoba oil. Shea oil is the best moisturizer for your cuticles and regenerates the dead cuticle cells to make your cuticle skin look healthy and lively. 

But, the main reason for adding in the Shea oil is its inflammatory nature which makes your ski have no harm even if it saves from skin diseases that other applicators can cause.

Why We Like It

  • Shea oil is the basic and main ingredient
  • Anti-flammable moisturizer.
  • Regenerates dead cells and ensures healthy nails growth
  • Causes no skin infections.
  • The sleek design of it.
  • Affordable in means of cost
  • Safe formula.

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4. Whats Up Cuticle Oil Pens

Whats Up Nails - Cuticle Oil Pen
Whats Up Nails – Cuticle Oil Pen

Cuticle oil pens by Whats up come with patented firm tips just like regular markers. They provide one of the best designs of cuticle oil pens available on market and are made of almond and vitamin E essential oils. 

These whats up cuticle oil pens are affordable in terms of cost and have great tips to make your cuticles absorb the deposited oil directly just like other brush-type pens don’t make your cuticles too oily.

Why We Like It

  • Patented firm tips
  • Best cuticle oil pen design
  • The mixture of almond and vitamin E oil.
  • Causes no skin infections.
  • Affordable in means of cost

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Q: How do you Use a Cuticle Oil Brush Pen?

A: Instructions for use: 

  1. Tap on the bottom of the cuticle oil pen 
  2. Slightly twist the bottle till oil comes out of the tip
  3. Apply on edges of nails.
  4. Apply a few drops
  5. You don’t need to apply too much cuticle oil.
  6. A little you apply is enough to moisturize your cuticles

Q: What is a Cuticle Oil Pen?

A: A cuticle oil pen is a cuticle oil applicator with a firm tip. Using cuticle oil pens to apply cuticle oil onto your cuticles you can control the quantity of the oil that is directly applied to your cuticles.

Q: Is it bad to Use Cuticle Oil Every Day?

A: You can apply 2 to 3 drops of cuticle oils per fingernail. Don’t apply an excessive amount of cuticle oil to your nails. It is no problem if you apply it on daily basis. Better you apply cuticle oil at night on bed.

Q: How often Should you put Cuticle Oil on?

A: The basic and main thing about cuticle oil application is to make your cuticles moisturized. So, whenever you feel like dryness is coming don’t let your skin be dried and apply it before dryness exists. For better results apply your cuticle oil thrice a day.


For a prestigious and healthy look at your nails, you need to be careful about them. Keeping your cuticles moisturized is the key to a great manicure and ensures that your nails grow healthy and beautiful. As the right oil is needed for making your cuticles moisturized right amount and procedure also matters.

In such a case cuticle oil pen shows its worth and deposits the right amount to your cuticles and gives you control of applying it. 

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