Acrylic Toenails : Everything About Fake Nails On Toes

Acrylic Toenails - Everything About Toe Acrylics

When it comes to manicures and pedicures today, one thing that cannot be overlooked is the use of acrylics. Acrylics, also known as fake nails, improve the appearance of our nails to make them more appealing. Not only wearing acrylic nails can be used on fingernails, but acrylic toenails are also a popular pedicure trend these days. 

Acrylic Toenails: Everything About Fake Nails On Toes
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When we speak about acrylic toenails, we are referring to the process of utilizing acrylics to extend natural nails. Geeks can have any shape in acrylic toenails, just like we do on fingernails. 

Acrylic Toenails: Everything About Fake Nails On Toes
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Many of us do not have the desired appearance of toenails; however, we can transform or enhance them by using toe acrylics. 

Let’s talk about toe acrylics in more detail.  

1- Can you get acrylics on your toes? 

Anyone who wants can have acrylic toenails. Acrylics are not specified for fingernails. Using acrylics you can get even and attractive toenails shapes. You can extend the size of your toenails using these amazing manicure/ pedicure products.  

Acrylic Toenails: Everything About Fake Nails On Toes
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Putting toe acrylics is now in trend so you can easily find a salon with trained professionals. You can do your acrylic toenails the but it is not recommended. 

You can easily treat your fingernails that you don’t have to bend over for treating them with acrylics. But, doing toe acrylics is not that easy, you have to bend over to treat pointing away from you and if couldn’t for the successful procedure it can lead to infection. 


It is recommended to get your two acrylics done by a trained professional at a salon. 

2- Are Toe Acrylics Safe?

One can safely have acrylic toenails applied by a professional nail technician. Though, there are some risks associated with it. 

  1. Sometimes putting toenail acrylics can cause a nail infection. 
  2. Maybe you confront the issue of ingrown toenails after the procedure. 

Every time we come across risks; we get some solutions also to get rid of them; 

  1. Always visit a professional nail polish remover technician for putting on-toe acrylics. 
  2. Once you get them applied care for them properly. 

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3- How Long do Acrylic Toenails Last? 

Toe acrylics may easily last 3 to 4 weeks without needing to visit a salon for a fill-in. Toenails do not need to be filled in on a regular basis, however, fingernails must be filled in every 2 – 3 weeks. Toenails develop at a slower rate than fingernails. 

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The lifespan of your acrylic toenails is determined by a variety of factors; 

  1. Less walking results in a longer lifespan for acrylic toenails. 
  2. Acrylic toenails that are shorter in length last longer. 
  3. Toe acrylic infections are avoided by wearing open-toed shoes.
  4. You must be more cautious if you want your acrylics to last longer. 

4- How Much Do Acrylic Toenails Cost?

A single session of applying acrylic toenails including the fee of a nail technician often costs between $35 and $75.  It depends on you professional your nail technician is, where is your salon located, what design are you getting applied; This will vary depending on the design you select and the location of the salon. 

How Much Do Acrylic Toenails Cost
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Fill-ins for acrylic toenails can be availed around half the price of the first treatment. Getting toe acrylics is expensive than fingernails, as it requires more talent to put them on. 

5- Can You Apply Acrylic to Your Toenails at Home?

One can apply toe acrylics at home. It doesn’t require a lot of special tools. Only a regular manicure/ pedicure kit is enough to treat the procedure.  

Can You Apply Acrylic to Your Toenails at Home

The procedure of applying toenail acrylics is as same as the process we used to follow while doing fingernail acrylics. But one should be extra-talented and would take extra care while filling them in and applying primer products.  

6- How To Get Acrylic Toenails at Home

There are many things you need to consider and care for when you’re doing such a sensitive technical stuff at home like manicure and pedicure. Here’s how can you do it properly. Must watch the video;

Tips on How to Care for Your Acrylic Toenails 

1- Always wear Open Footwear 

If you have acrylic toenails avoid wearing as close shoes as you can. It is recommended for you to wear open footwear like sandals and slippers.  

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Your toes cannot breathe When you wear enclosed footwear. It leads to an accumulation of dampness, perspiration, and heat, allowing bacteria and fungus to thrive and create an infection. 

2- Always ensure that your acrylic toenails are Clean & Dry 

In case you cannot wear open shoes, you should have your acrylic toenails completely clean and dry when you wear your enclosed footwear. You can also blow dry them to get them dried instantly. 

Always ensure that your acrylic toenails are Clean & Dry
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3- Never go for over long acrylic toenails

Over long toes, acrylics rub with the edges of shoes and cause discomfort. If you get shorter acrylics applied on your toenails they won’t get disturbed by your shoes or socks and will last longer. Shorter acrylics do not lift easily. 

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When you get longer toe acrylics, they occupy more surface area which when is not available exerts pressure which makes them lift prematurely.


4- Having Pointed end shapes are not recommended 

It is recommended to have simple curve-like shapes like your natural toenails. While getting your toe acrylics done you chose square or stiletto shapes, though they look good but don’t last long. One should not go for such shapes but can get a simply curvy acrylic with a little extension to the natural toenail.  

Can You Apply Acrylic to Your Toenails at Home

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The sharp tips of the nails can snag onto your shoes or socks. 


Q: Can u do acrylic nails on your toes? 

A: Yes! Putting acrylics on your toenails is possible as it is possible doing it on your fingernails. You can have more enhanced and beautiful toenails as you desire to have. 

Q: Is it bad to do acrylic on toes? 

A: Putting acrylics on toenails is a viral fashion these days. But, there’s a common-sense involved that toenails cannot bear it when you walk, run, and wear different footwear like natural toenails. Also, when you apply and remove your toe acrylics it can involve bad health causes. 

Q: How long should acrylic stay on your toes? 

A: When you go for a proper fake nail acrylic session with proper placement and filling with good quality monomers it can easily last for 6 to 8 weeks without going for an in-salon filling session. 

Q: Can acrylic toenails cause fungus? 

A: Visiting a professional nail technician is required for applying toenail acrylics. An improper application session causes a risk of toenail fungal infection. It happens when the technician uses unsensitized manicure tools for the session.  Symptom of severe toe infection: Nail discoloration

Q: Can you get a permanent acrylic toenail? 

A: Acrylic toenails are only an extension to already existing natural toenails which last for 6 to 8 weeks without a refill and cannot last forever. 


People loved putting acrylics on their fingernails and got appreciated this enhancement procedure which made their hands so much attractive than before. Then, people started considering toe acrylics and we appreciated them. We always appreciate people when they look beautiful and enhanced. 

The above article is a complete manual to make you understand everything about acrylic toenails. We included their proper definition, guidelines, recommendations, the risk associated with them, and tips to make them last for a longer duration. 

This write-up is most probably going to answer all of your concerns regarding this specific topic. 

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