Ultimate Guide To How To Apply Color Street Nails Nicely

How To Apply Color Street Nails

To understand, how to apply color street nails it’s important for you to learn what exactly are color street nails. Also, what these nails are composed of & what is expected about them, and that is all.

The below article contains all related information about how to apply color street nails, what is included in the package, how would they adhere to your nail bed, do’s and dont’s of applying them, and at last how to remove color street nails; let’s get started with the story;

What Are Color Street Nails? how to apply color street nails to Your Natural Nails?

Color Street nail paint strips are 100% nail polish and dry in under a minute, so they’re ready to go almost immediately after application. The remaining 5% at the bottom of the strip ensures a secure fit before curing. (check out the below heading to learn how to apply color street nails).

However, they will not be entirely healed for at least 15-30 minutes after treatment. You don’t have to “baby” your nails all day, but for the first half an hour after application, you should avoid things like taking a shower, washing dishes, and using your nails as tools. Now you finally know that how to apply color street nails.

What Is Included In A Set Of Color Street?

A rundown of what you can expect to find in a box of Color Street nail paint strips is just below:

  • Double-sided nail polish strips  (2 sheets with 8 different sized nail strips on each sheet)
  • Prep pads  (2 packs)
  • A nail file

The nail polish strips are reversible and available in eight different widths. After you pull off the top tab, you’ll see that some of the strips finish in odd corners. This might be useful in picking a design that comes closest to fitting the contours of your own nail bed.

How To Apply Color Street Nails?

Let’s start with the procedure for how to apply color street nails;

  1. To get started with the method for how to apply color street nails, Get ready by cleaning and polishing your nails. Before you put Color Street strips on your fingernails or toes, make sure you give them a thorough cleaning and prepare your nail beds. Using the included Prep Pad, you may get a clean, smooth surface by wiping away oils, scraping off any residual polish, pushing back cuticles, and filing away any rough spots.
  2. After you’ve cleaned and filed your nails, you may apply a nail strip of the right size to each one.
  3. When applying nail strips, remove the backing from each one before putting it to the nail as quickly as feasible. Applying your Color Street nails as soon as you get them is essential if you want them to stay as long as possible. Only then will their chances of success be maximized. 
  4. Pressing the sticker’s rounded end against your cuticle before applying it is suggested. This will lessen the likelihood that the sticker will end up on your cuticle. After you place the sticker on your nail, work your way from the cuticle to the tip, smoothing out the adhesive and getting rid of any air bubbles along the way.
  5. Gently stretch the stickers to the right size if you find they don’t fit precisely where you want them to.
  6. After folding it over, you should file the leftover strip. Once the sticker has been applied evenly, fold the excess over the edge and scrape it off with a nail file so as not to harm the nail polish.

Do’s & Dont’s Of How To Apply Color Street Nails?


  • Nail strips are best used and stored at room temperature and handled with warm hands. Heat may make nail strips more flexible, while cold can make them stiffer.
  • Use the nail strips as soon as possible after opening the package since they will dry up quickly if left exposed to air.
  • Before using the product, make sure the nails are clean and prepared properly. After using a pretreatment pad to remove any oils or lotions, the cuticles may be pushed back, the nails can be buffed and filed, and the hands can be ready for anything.
  • The strips need to have the protective film removed before they can be used.
  • To properly apply one’s thumbs, one must start with the pinky finger, then the thumb, and last the thumbs.
  • Gently stretching the strip in either the horizontal or vertical direction will provide a snug fit. The strip will be shorter if it is stretched vertically.
  • For more precise application, it’s best to hold the strip in the middle rather than at one end.
  • After creasing the strip to fit the nail’s edge, you may trim off the excess using your nail or a nail file.


  • Avoid exposing nail strips to severe temperatures for extended periods of time. Keep the strips out of direct sunlight or LED illumination.
  • It is not required that you moisturize your hands before or after using the product.
  • Never put a strip on your nails or skin. To apply, push cuticles back and position strips flush with or slightly above the nail bed. Doing so will ensure that the strip only contacts the nail and not the cuticle.

The do’s and dont’s of how to apply color street nails will be really helpful to make them adhere better and for longer durations;

How To Remove Color Street Nails?

(how to apply color street nails)

After reading how to apply color street nails if you finally decided to get them, this is time to learn the removal process. To remove the nail polish, employ whichever method you find most effective for you. Since they are only nailed polish, they may be easily removed without the need for any special treatment or preliminary work.

Be sure to check out my article on troubleshooting Color Street here if you’re having problems.

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