Best Ski Helmets- An ultimate Buying Guide

Best Ski Helmets

Skiing and snowboarding during winters require wearing a ski helmet. In the past, people considered a hard hat with a strong exterior filled with foam enough for the best skiing experience.

As time passed, like everything, few advancements came to constructing skiing helmets; now, these modern helmets are crucial for skiing or snowboarding.

We cannot ignore vents’ availability, flexibility in weight and bulkiness, size and fitting, goggle compatibility, and safety standards while the best ski helmets.

A newbie cannot be a king of sports but need a piece of thoughtful advice in either way. So, as means of protection, wearing the ski helmet, one should have an excellent guide to making an eligible purchase.

Best Ski Helmets Buying Guide

Here, we’ve mentioned the special measures to be taken while making a ski helmet purchase to buy your ski helmet worth.

Let’s talk about a few essential things for making the best ski helmets for a comfortable snowboarding experience this winter; below the points, you are mentioned to buy these helmets that make a perfect fit on your head.

Helmet Construction or Types of Ski Helmets

As the ski helmets are constructed for use in winter sports. These helmets are manufactured of hard plastic or resins shells combined with the inner padding for skiers for a safe experience to protect from injuries and snowy weather.

Different types of these ski helmets are now in the market for conveying variety with confidence.

ABS Helmets

ABS is a starter version of the ski helmets for skiers or snowboarders in a budgeted price constructed combination of hard plastic or resins shell lined with foam to protect the brain from injuries.

The ABS helmets may not work fine with you comfortably. If you opt for the ABS version, you may need to take proper care and have slow speed while skiing and snowboarding.

In-Mold Helmets

The In-Mold helmets are comparatively the best version, lighter in weight and good in bulkiness. They are constructed of thin polycarbonate shells and technology that keeps the head safe from jerks and damage.

Also, these helmets provide the proper ventilation system to make you have comfort.

Hybrid In-Mold Helmets

The hybrid in-mold helmets are a step better than the simple in-mold ones while having all the safety standards. These helmets are safe and the best protector for one’s head, and keep it with no dent till a significant accident happens. During these games, which may cause harm, one should take proper precautions.

Ventilation adjustable or fixed

Different ski helmets come with other specs which suit any specific job. The modern ski helmets come with a particular number of vents in these helmets to make them comfortable for you.

Also, more vents are not standard for proper ventilation. The mountaineers may heat up with helmets; vents normalize the temperature and let the wearer breathe easily.

The important thing is the positioning and performance of these vents. The availability of wind accepting vents and discharging vents is essential. The number And positioning of these vents are a significant concern.

The front vents take the air and remove it from the overhead and back vents to the net to let the air reside in the helmet to harm you.

Also, some new versions come with adjustable vents to close and open according to the user’s choice to ensure a comfortable experience.

Helmet safety

The primary purpose of these ski helmets is to provide safety to the users. The hard plastics and the aligned padding inside them protect from damage during mountaineering by absorbing the mountains’ complex impact and keeping the brain safe. Also, special should take care of, and the bought helmets should be certified in security and qualified security standards.

The US-based ASTM international certification for non-motorized snowboarding is essential to consider while buying the best ski helmets for you and your loved ones.

Also, Salmon MTN lab mountaineering certification and BERN Watts EPS biking certification are genuine for consideration.

Also, One should keep in mind that safety certifications of the best ski helmets aren’t only responsible for your safety and protection. One should be very professional and careful with any helmet, whether it is too safe or not. A slow speed and a detailed ride are critical in the concern of head protection.

Carelessness may invite significant accidents, and even the best helmets can fail to save your head.

 Weight and Bulk

Different ski helmets differ in their styles and designs and thus weigh accordingly. 

Abs, In-mold, or hybrid in-mold helmets weigh almost identical. The medium-sized ABS weigh 20+ ounces.

 The in-mold helmets weigh approximately 14-16 ounces. Hybrid in-mold helmets weigh 17 – 19 ounces.

As the weights of these different types may not differ significantly, their look and feel are way different. Also, simply putting on a helmet won’t show every detail of how they feel. The in-mold and hybrid in-mold helmets are somehow lighter than the ABS. Well, the alignment of the plastic covering and the foam makes it fit best on your head.

Furthermore, we correlate the bulkiness of helmets with the weightage of these ski helmets. The helmets with low cost may affect the bulkiness of helmets and feel cumbersome.

Sizing and Fitting

Different helmets come in different sizes and shapes. All you need to figure out is the shape and measurement of your head to find a more compatible version of the best ski helmets. Wrap a measuring tape or a rope around your head one inch above your ears and determine the measurement in centimeters.

Now find the listing of the measures of the ski helmets available and get one that is closely related to your size.

We do not ensure that the helmet having closely related measurements will best fit your head. It takes a trial of using helmets to fit according to the shape of your head. Different ski helmet manufacturer companies come with other forms, and you need to find one that fits your head shape.

One may not find the exact measurement of the best ski helmets out of the listing according to the measures of their head. But, it is critical to find a closely related version to protect their lead at the peak of their performance.

Trying more versions of these ski helmets can train you to pick the best option.

Goggle Compatibility

As we correlate the ski helmets with winter sports, the goggles come with these ski helmets. Now there arises an issue that this goggle may misfit with your ski helmets. The associated issues could be lost pairing with the helmet, may be too tight to use with

the helmet may be small and unable to cover the area to protect from cold.

The solution to overcome such vulnerable situations is to use the glasses of the same brand of helmet that you use. The accessories of the same brand make a perfect fit every time to provide the users with a comfortable experience.

But, not always do you need the ski helmet and the goggle of the same brand.

Sometimes, something comes adjustable with more brands like Oakley MOD 5’s swappable brim. These goggles make the best fit with many ski helmets for the best and most protective skiing experience.

Also, some helmets make a good fit with different goggles and make no air pass through the area between the goggles and the helmets. So, is the Giro helmets not only make reasonable adjustments with the Giro brand glasses but many good brands to outstand.

Women Specific Helmet

Besides the availability of unisex ski helmets, special can easily find women-specific ski helmets in the market. They may look similar to those of unisex versions but differ slightly in color and styling. Pricing for these women-specific helmets may vary according to their designs and quality. They keep the perspective so a woman can love their helmets for their outlook and guaranteed comfort.

Also, it is observed that these helmets are smaller than the unisex version and sit easily on female heads according to the fitting concept followed while manufacturing them.

Final Verdict For Buying Best Ski Helmets

Finding the best ski helmet, whether for skiing or winter snowboarding, is tricky to make the best fit on one’s head. Different helmets come with variations in their construction, designs, shape, sizes, gadgets compatibility, and other means.

All the available choices may sit best for different people, but the important is to find a perfect fit for you.

You need a coach or a guide to dictate you on the right path for everything you are new to. Even if you aren’t newbies, your past ski helmet was a compromise and wasn’t the best fit for your head. It would be best if you had a good guide.

We’ve concluded the above points that guide you to make a suitable purchase for the best ski helmets in 2021.

Make sure that you have read every mentioned point for a worthy purchase. We don’t purchase things daily; make your ski helmet purchase worth it so you can admire what makes you safe with comfort.

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