Camping in Sweden Complete Guide

Camping in Sweden

There are more than four hundred and fifty national Camping in Sweden sites. Also, Travelers love to camp instead of staying in hotels. Camping in Sweden is challenging but gives natural scenes, and It is love to camp. 

A big sky full of stars, A small camp under the sky, the sound of blowing wind and flame of the alone moon at the big tray of the sky, is a chance to enjoy nature. 

Moreover, Staying in hotels is boring as compared to the joy of freedom of Camping. The opening of eyes early in the morning, the traveling of light among the trees, and the sound of leaves talking with flowers is all that Camping offers us.

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Evergreen Ethics for Camping in Sweden

If you have chosen to camp for a trip to Sweden, the next step is to decide where to camp. You should be aware of the camping sites there in Sweden, and then you have to choose between them.

For your convenience, a list is given below of the best and most popular camping sites in Sweden.

Popular camping sites in Sweden

Among more than four hundred and fifty Swedish national camping sites, it will appear challenging for the newbies to choose any from them. The list of a few popular and preferred campsites is given below to pick out of your concern:

Five Stars camping sites in Sweden

The list of the few camping sites rated as five stars by travelers is:

Ansia Resort Lycksele

Anisa resort is among the popular campsites in Sweden. Also, It is very famous for providing tourist facilities. The wild nature exists at your doorstep to enjoy at the peak. Moreover, The destination lets you visit Lycksele Zoo, Anisa Badpark, Gammplatsen, Forestry, and many other places to make your trip delightful weather with family or friends.


Phone: 0950-100 83

Apelviken, apelviken.seVarberg

It is a beautiful destination with a beautiful view of two beaches. Also, Apelviken is known as a boating island, and people enjoy bathing here. Moreover, Every year many visitors camp there and enjoy themselves with families and friends, it is surrounded the whole year by camping lovers. Furthermore, Dancing nights at Apelviken are amazing.


Phone: 0340-64 13 00

Byske Havsbad Byske

This island is beautiful in many aspects as it allows every age group to enjoy in their style. Also, You can play on the beach, you can relax, can dance, and you can do everything you want to refresh your boring life.

Furthermore, The island offers you to rent bicycles, windsurfing boards, a children club, and delicious meals.


Phone: 0912-612 90

Böda Sand Beach Resort Löttorp

Boda Sand Beach resort is suitable for families with children as it offers to play in clean and wide playlands, swimming schools, and other kiddy facilities. Additionally, It’s located on child- a friendly beach with amusing scenes. It offers you fun showers, a spa, and sunbathing.


Phone: 0485-222 00

Daftö Camping Resort Strömstad

Daftö Camping Resort Strömstad is open to visiting for a whole year. Also, you have to select a pitch for your camp with beautiful wild scenes to enjoy nature more closely out of 630 pitches. 


Phone: 0526-260 40

Gustavsvik, Örebro Örebro

Gustav has the largest water park in northern Europe and is the most loved sport in Sweden to spend your vacations with your family and friends. There are outdoor swimming pools, play areas, and more activities to do for leisure.


Phone: +46 19 19 69 00

Hafsten Resort och Camping Uddevalla

Hafsten Resort is amongst west coastal exciting camping sites, is located on a peninsula, and has a beautiful view of the sea and archipelago. It lies at the center of Bohuslän, halfway between Gothenburg and Strömstad.


Phone: 0522-64 41 17

Kneippbyn Resort Visby Visby

Kneippbyn Resort Visby Visby allows staying in camping cottages or self-catering cottages. You can also stay in hotels. No matter what accommodation you choose, you will have access to all the activities you want to be a part of there. Moreover, If you have a pass of two-day weekly pass, It will serve you special discounts.


Phone: 0498-29 61 50

Krono Camping Swecamp Lidköping Lidköping

Krono Camping Swecamp Lidköping Lidköping is beautifully situated on the shore of the famous lake Vänern. Also, It is open for visiting the whole year for travelers with electricity, tv, and sewage facilities.

Furthermore, Here you face the beauty of nature and it is a fantastic point to visit and explore for the children and adults as well.

 Orsa CampingOrsa

Orsa Camping is situated at the center of Darlana. They are also, Neighboring a beautiful sandy beach, heated outdoor pools, and water parks. Moreover, Here the pirates have arranged exciting activities for kids like Pirate’s schools and treasure hunts.

Furthermore, Orsa serves you with large playgrounds, golf clubs, playing-field, arcades, rental boats, pedal cars, and much more. 


Phone: 0250-462 61

 Four Star Camping in Sweden Sites

Few of the popular campsites in Sweden rated four stars by visitors are:

Arctic Camp Jokkmokk Jokkmokk

Arctic Camp Jokkmokk Jokkmokk is a family-oriented camping site with lots of free services like free admissions to swimming pools, free showers, free fishing, and free rides on the beautiful water slides. 


Phone: 0971-123 70

Arvika Swecamp Ingestrand Arvika

A family camping site, kept open for a whole year for visitors, in a beautiful location by the shore of the large Lake of Glafsfjorden.

Also, The campsite has more than 300 pitches and 14 motorhome pitches, with services electricity and cable TV connection. 

Moreover, Camping here allows you a good swimming area, walking track, golf club, playground, BBQ area, fishing, boat life, and cycling. 


Phone: 0570-148 40

 Borås Camping Saltemad Borås

This Site offers you a wide variety of pitches all the way around with facility of electricity. Youth can stay in the youth hostels; cottages are also available. 

Also, The hiking tracks, shallow swimming, rental boats, canoes, and fishing are the best activities you would love to perform there.

Phone: 033-35 32 80

Bödagårdens Camping Löttorp

Bödagårdens Camping Löttorp remains open in summer for visitors. Also, It is situated at the ideal location near the fine sandy beach, and the Swedish missionary alliance runs this Site and serves with a small café, shop, etc.

Furthermore, the Site offers sunbathing, swimming, relaxation, and several social activities.


Phone: 0485-58 68 00

 Charlottenberg Camping & Stugor Haganäset Åmotfors

It is an amusing family campground situated on an excellent slope confronting Lake Bysjön. Also, There are huge grounds which are appropriate for exercise and recreation.

Moreover, Shoreline offers you to swim in Lake Bysjön. Furthermore, The water is very shallow and appropriate for kids. There are a couple of water attractions in the lake, e.g., a water slide, trampoline, and water volleyball.

Likewise, there are kayaks and a paddling pontoon for lease on the off chance that you need to investigate the lake. Lake Bysjön is known for hooking.


Phone: 0571-220 23

Dalskärs Camping Bergkvara

It is a family campground among Karlskrona and Kalmar with basically lakefront packages, with a Warmed pool, Oceanside retreat, dog shower and remarkable zone for puppies, play region, golf, comfort store, and restaurant Dalskärs Sjökrog.

Also, Acknowledge mind-blowing customary Swedish home-style cooking separately in a comfortable setting, inside or out, with magnificent viewpoints on Kalmar Sound. Music and fun evening times in the season.



Phone: 0486-201 50

 Dragsö Camping & Stugby Karlskrona

It is situated close to the Shoreline of Blekinge, connected by extensions with the town. Also, the Utilization of vessels is likewise acclaimed four keep flawless with the town.

Moreover, Dragsö is a perfect family campground that offers various exercises for all ages like experience minigolf club, quiz walk, moving, Kids club, family stimulation, pike safari, and so on.

You can likewise lease speedboats, kayaks, pedalos, and so forth.


Phone: 0455-153 54

Duse Udde Camping Säffle

They were confronting the beautiful beach of Lake Vanern with a wide variety of tent pitches and motor homes. Also, Angling and windsurfing are fun here from the amazing lake of Vanern with reliable wind conditions.

Moreover, Nature lovers can enjoy wildlife animals and walk through the beautiful forests.

Telephone: 0533-108 00

Ekerum Camping & Stugby Borgholm

The excellent campsite of Ekrum is situated with a lovely view of nature in the center of Oland.

The camping pitches are facilitated with the services of electricity, tv, water drainage, etc. It’s love to bath in the beautiful water area and look up the fantastic sceneries.


Phone: 0485-56 47 00

Evedals Camping Växjö Växjö

Evals offers you to enjoy the beautiful natural sceneries, fishing, and recreation. Also, The Site is suitable for accommodation and food. Moreover, Rental boats and canoes are also available for exciting your trip. Furthermore, Tennis, football pitch, and minigolf are fun to play with the scenic location.

There are likewise pedalos and a visitor wharf—a warm welcome notwithstanding amid the colder time.


Phone: 0470-630 34

Falsterbo Resort (f.d. Ljungens Camping)Falsterbo

Falsterbo is a beautiful oceanside retreat to which numerous travelers head in the mid-year. Moreover, Stroll in the old, charming focuses of Skanör-Falsterbo.

Visit Skanör harbor and stroll around the marina, purchase fish direct from the anglers or the smokehouse. Eat great nourishment at an eatery.


Phone: 040-602 40 20

Frykenbadens CampingKil

Frykenbadens Camping is beautifully situated in the scenic location confronting Lake Fryken’s eastern beach. This Site offers fishing, minigolf, billiard golf, a playroom, playgrounds, and a beach with jetties. 


Phone: 0554-409 40

Fyrishov Stugby och Camping Uppsala

Fyrishov Stugby is a beautiful camping site at Uppsala. It is located near the north of the theatre of Uppsala confronting Fyrishov swimming and sports services.

Also, The Site offers hot water pools, jet streams, water slides, and much more.

Phone: 018-727 49 60

Getteröns Camping Varberg

It is located north of the Varberg among the rich-bird life of the nature reserve and charming town, confronting the beautiful sandy beach 200km from the camping site.


Phone: 0340-168 85

GrebbestadFjorden Grebbestad

It is a family campground with a variety of pitches. It’s kept open all the year for the visitors. GrebbestadFjorden allows you the services of minigolf, football, boules, volleyball, treasure hunts, and crab-catching competitions. 


Phone: 0525-612 11

Three Star Camping in Sweden Sites

  The sites rated three stars are given below:

Angsjöns Camping & Konferen sBjurholm

It is located in a small Swedish rural district, naturally beautiful. Also, There’s a shallow area for bathing, and there’s a playground, minigolf, climbing wall, and many other amusing facilities to make your boring holiday even better.


Phone: 070-627 28 36

Askevik Camping & Cottages Sjötorp

Askevik Camping & Cottages Sjötorp offers you access to the beautiful sunset view with a sandy beach with perfect amusing activities, relax and enjoy the leisure of your holiday trip in Sweden Askevik Camping & Cottages Sjötorp.


Phone: 076-814 14 09

 Aspen Camping Lerum

It has been located at the edge of the beautiful aspen lake, having a wide variety of large fishes to hook and enjoy delicious meals. Also, Aspen is suitable for visitors of every age group and comprises a bathing area, children’s play area, boats on rent, and many other activities.


Phone: 0302-711 66

Bergafjärdens Camping & Havsbad Njurunda

Enjoy safe swimming with your kids in the shallow area. Musical nights are great here.

Phone: 060-345 98

Billingens Stugby och Camping Skövde

Billings Stugby och Camping Skövde is a beautiful campsite for adults located high up on Billingen hill.

Also, Billingen offers you pick to berries and mushrooms in peaceful blowing winds, tear under the shadow of giant pines, walk alone on the tracks, swim in pools, visit a spa, or go game-fishing.

Phone: 0500-47 16 33

Borrbystrand Camping Borrby

It is a beautiful camping site for nature lovers with a fantastic sandy beach situated with the Baltic ocean which offers fine swimming to the visitors. Also, it offers you a memorable walk in forests in coastal areas.

Moreover, It is near to beautiful sights like the Alestenar stone circle and Glimmingehus Castle. It is only 30 km away from the beautiful cultural town of Ystad and about 20 km to Simrishamn. 


Phone: 0411-52 12 60

Bovikens Havsbad Skellefteå

Bovikens Havsbad Skellefteå is the perfect choice for sea lovers with sand beaches. Also, There are shallow bathing areas that are children-friendly. It is safe to bathe kids here.


Phone: 0910-540 00

Bromölla Camping & Vandrarhem Bromölla

Bromölla Camping in Sweden & Vandrarhem Bromölla allows you to visit the countryside on cooler days. Also, staying at the beach in the summer season and enjoying the peaceful surroundings offers you the services of a Baby changing room Kiosk, Beach and bathing, Playground, Breakfast facilities, and Wi-Fi/Wireless Internet.

Phone: 0456-255 93

Båstad Camping Båstad

It is a genuine pearl arranged where Bjärehalvön meets the ocean line, allowing you to enjoy the incredible nature with endless trips and take a risk to grasp the Skåne Riviera where Båstad, with its mainland climate, emerges as the best feature.


Phone: 0485-220 43

Böda Hamns Camping Löttorp

It is a family camping site located in the north of Oland. Also, The incredible venue of Böda Hamns Camping Löttorp allows you the hooking fish and enjoy nature with confronting pines.


Phone: 0485-220 43

Camping Tiveden Tived

Camping Tiveden is surrounded by a beautiful natural park of evidence, a Beautiful green surface for tenting and motor homes. 

This Site offers you opportunities to fish char, pike, and perch in lake Unden and surrounding lakes.


Phone: 0584-47 40 83

Caravan Club Gusselby Annorlunda Gusselby

The beautiful campsite of Caravan Club Gusselby is facing the fantastic lake. Also, There are friendly shallow beach jetties for swimming and rental boats. There are large pitches for the tents and motor homes. The venue is suitable for Angling. 

Phone: 0581-502 40

Caravan Club Camp Skagern, Finnerödja Finnerödja

It is a family campsite that is beautifully situated at Lake Skargen, having a kid-friendly sandy beach. Also, This Site offers you to play volleyball at the sandy beach with kids or friends or play minigolf and the chance for Angling.


Phone: 0506-330 40

Kerstins Camping Mellerud

It is located at the center of Dalsland, offers tent camps and motor homes at a wide variety of pitches. Also, The surface of the pitches is finely flat. Moreover, the keratins’ peaceful and relaxing environment offers you the facilities of a Mini Golf 12-hole course, Pool, Jogging track, Pool table, Bike rental, and Playgrounds.


Phone: 0530-127 15

Kiviks Familjecamping Kivik

Kiviks Familjecamping Kivik is situated in the beautiful nature confronting area close to the finely arranged sandy beaches.

Moreover, It provides the facilities of Adapted for disabled people while camping in Sweden, Credit cards accepted, Baby changing room, Dogs welcome, Beach and bathing, Kiosk, Café, Playground, Conference facilities, Wi-Fi/Wireless Internet, and Convenience stores.


Phone: 0414-709 30

 Klintagårdens Camping Köpingsvik

Klintagårdens Camping Köpingsvik is a family inviting natural campsite for Camping in Sweden is naturally beautiful. Attraction is demanding sceneries and modern Adapted facilities for disabled people, Credit cards acceptation, Baby changing room, Dogs welcome, Beach and bathing, Kiosk, Breakfast facilities, Playground, Café, Supervised children’s activities, Conference facilities, and Wi-Fi/Wireless Internet.


Phone: 0485-722 40

Kolleviks Camping och Stugby Karlshamn.

This campsite for camping in Sweden is residing in the holiday village in the south of the middle Karlshamn. Also, In the middle of the Blenkige with the beautiful natural sceneries offers you the facilities of Adapted for disabled people, Credit cards acceptation, Baby changing room, Dogs welcome, Beach and bathing, Kiosk, Café, Playground, and Convenience store.

Phone: 0454-192 80

 Dos and Don’ts of camping in Sweden


  1. Arrive late at night at the chosen location for the Camping and leave the place early in the morning.
  2. Take care of the other’s privacy, and do not camp where there are other camps near you.
  3. Camp on the land that isn’t near to anyone’s personal property.


  1. Don’t burn a fire in wild areas; it is risky. The burning fire can destroy miles of beautiful forests.
  2.  Don’t leave your garbage at a camping place; take your garbage with you.
  3. Don’t set your camp in dark places.


 Interesting rules and facts in Sweden: 

Sweden is a country having some exciting rules and facts listed below:

  1. Doors in Sweden always open in the opposite direction.
  2. Swedish people are very fast in completing their tasks. They take their lunch at 11:00 am and dinner at 06:00 pm.
  3. Also, embracing kissing on both cheeks scares Swedish people; you cannot hug them during the first meeting.
  4. The concept of cash has almost been forgotten in Sweden; Swedish use cards to shop there.
  5. You can go to someone’s property and eat their fruit from trees only eat they’re not taken with you. It is permitted by law.

 Emergency services and help in Sweden:

112 is an SOS alarm, and it is your moral and legal obligation to call 112 in case of any emergency; 112 provides services like:

  1. Police
  2. Fire department
  3. Air rescue services
  4. Mountain rescue services
  5. Poison information
  6. Social emergency Ambulance
  7. Poison information
  8. Mountain rescue services
  9. Poison information
  10. Social emergency services
  11. On-call priests
  12. Sea rescue services
  13. Air rescue services
  14. Mountain rescue services
  15. Poison information
  16. Social emergency services
  17. On-call priests

 Hospitals addresses and contacts in Sweden

Health is an essential issue from ever, being unhealthy during your trip is worst. Moreover, In case of any health issue during your trip, you will need to go to a hospital and consult a physician.

Some of the famous hospitals with their contact numbers and addresses are given below for your convenience.

Hospitals Contacts Addresses

  1. Landstinget Dalarna

+46 23 49 00 00 Box 712, Falun 791 29 , Sweden.

  1. Huddinge University Hospital

+46 8 656 4641 Halsovagen , Flemingsberg 141 86 , Sweden.

  1. Adrakliniken

+46 31790 41 42 Grindstugan Carlanderska , Goeteborg 40545 , Sweden

  1. Perago Ortopedklinik

+46 31 81 81 45 Carlanderska , Goeteborg 405 45, Sweden.

  1. City Sjukhuset

+46 3 1777 7777 City Sjukhuset +7 , Lilla Badhusgatan 2 , Goteborg 411 21 , Sweden.

  1. Guldheds Kliniken

+46 31 20 40 60 Reutersgatan 2 A , Gothenburg 413 20 , Sweden.

  1. Spine Center Goeteborg

+46 31 89 12 60 Gruvgatan 8 , Vastra Frolunda 421 30 , Sweden.

  1. Landstinget i Uppsala lan

+46 18 611 00 00 Box 602, Uppsala 751 85 , Sweden.

  1. Umea University Hospital

+46 90 78 59950 Umea Care, Umea 901 85 , Sweden.

 Camping gets more joyful when you have a plan in mind and are aware of all the situations during your trip. Also, check out Boating on the Baltic Sea or move to read about Shopping Malls in Sweden.

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