Why And How To Clean Nail Stamper
Why And How To Clean Nail Stamper?

When you use nail stampers for attractive manicure art you should also be aware of how to clean nail stampers.  

I’m keen of buying stampers to get stylish nail polish treatments for my nails. Firstly, I used to visit manicure saloon where the expert nail tech used to treat with these nail stampers to get me a cute and stylish nail print (it costed me so much). 

So, I thought of going on savings plan and decided to get me manicure by myself.  For that case, I had a complete study on it to ensure I’m doing things in right way.

(One should be aware of the use of these stamping plates. A little carelessness can cause destroying to them)

Here, I have listed how to clean nail stampers after use, I hope this study will help you in your future at- home manicure.

Let’s get started to it;

Ultimate Guide for How to Clean Nail Stampers:

To make nail stampers, stamp stylish designs on my nails I tried to take everything go in pace. Let’s get to know about it;

How to clean nail stamper?

One should be very careful while cleaning nail stampers. Showing a little carelessness about this can get into irreversible conditions and there becomes no way except regretting it.

So, I have mentioned few of things to keep in your consideration while cleaning these nail stamping plates. Read them all carefully and then do it vigilantly;

Have the best of luck!

1. Use of acetone:

Usage of pure acetone for cleaning nail stamping plates is recommended by specialists. Some people use nail polish remover for cleaning their stained nail stamping plates.

But, next time when they intend to stamp some of their favorite designs they regret it. Because nail polish removers contain some moisturizer to not let your nails get dried whenever you remove them. 

These moisturizers make a layer of moisture on the plates which do not let’s design printed on your nails.

Pure acetone entirely removes nail polish stains from the plates to use them easily next time. There is no science involved in this process of cleaning stamping plates but you need to be very careful. 

2. Use cotton balls to get them cleaned:

You should soak cotton balls for some time in pure acetone to make the process get started. Acetone completely lifts the stains from nail stamping plates and makes them as clean as they were when you brought brand new plates from the market. It completely penetrates the balls and makes it easy to remove plates.

You have to pick these cotton balls up with the help of a cotton claw and start the cleaning process as it is directed.

3. Entirely Cleaning stamper:

Now, start removing the stains of polish from stamping plates. Designs are embossed on these plates so it’s not simple to get them cleaned.

You must have to move soaked cotton balls holding cotton claws in every direction where a stain could be left. 

4. Clean every time you use a nail stamper:

Dried polish becomes difficult to remove from stamping plates. When you try to get rid of it in such conditions you forcefully try to remove the stains. Which causes some of its designers to be merged or removed and you destroy your favourite stamping plates.

Be cautious of such things and clean right after you use them every time and never let the polish get dried.

5. Ensure drying of stamping plates:

After using nail stamping plates, one should clean them. I have mentioned more than one methods for how to clean nail stampers. But, after this, you need to be very careful about certain things and that is to ensure that all of the acetone is evaporated or not. Acetone should be dried or evaporated before you store them to use for the next time. If you leave that undried you will not be able to go for an ideal stamping treatment using this plate again.

But there’s no need of worrying it takes a little time to get dried.

6. Buy quality stamping plates:

Only stainless-steel plates are durable and reliable at the same time. Otherwise, low-quality plates when cleaned with acetone lose their designs badly and make you regret this every time.

So, I recommend you to buy only when you’re confident of its high-quality stainless steel otherwise take someone along with you when you go for shopping stamping plates. 

7. Do’s and Don’ts of How to clean nail stamper:

There are always some Do’s and don’ts associated with how to clean nail stamper. Let’s get to know that how to clean nail stampers


  1. Clean from every direction.
  2. Wait for getting acetone evaporated.
  3. Clean every time you use nail stampers.


  1. Don’t let the nail polish dry on stampers.
  2. Don’t ever store an un-dried stamping head for later use.
  3. Don’t use too sticky lint rollers for cleaning stamping heads.


Q: What can I use to clean my nail stamper?

A: If you’re having high-quality nail stamping plates using acetone-soaked cotton balls will not be harmful when used with care. Otherwise, use rubbing alcohol or warm water and soap to perf this job. 

Q: How to clean nail stamper?

A: Using a lint roll, scotch tape or a sticky pad can be a better option for cleaning clear nail stampers. Don’t use to sticky lint roller to avoid its adverse effects on the jelly head of such plates. Check out the miscellaneous methods for how to clean nail stamper.

Q: How do you remove polish from Stamper?

A: Oily removers can cause the stamping head to develop an oily layer which causes imprinting and does not stick properly for a good stamping procedure. Use no oily soap and warm water for such a purpose and clean it properly.


When you are manicured you should so cautious about everything which is related to you and your nails. What would be more important than nail polish when it’s about nails and tools that give you manicures?
The above article for “How to clean nail stamper?” is of vital importance to make you have a great manicures in future as well.

So, cleaning stamping plates and making them functional about another run was my concept to write such an informative article for you.

How to clean nail stampers is a great top and is of vital importance as many manicurists always keep on searching about do’s and don’ts for such a sensitive topic. Reading it is worth’s if you really want to go great with nail stamping experiences.


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