Create Simple WordPress Website (Importance)

Create simple WordPress website (Importance)

Many of you must know what “WordPress” is. Instead, if you are new to creating a simple WordPress website and want to learn WordPress, you are worth reading the article.

WordPress is a piece of software to build your website or blog and publish it in seconds; We also call it a content management system or CMS.

Creating A Simple WordPress Website Is A Full-Fledged Trend

It was created in 2003 and is still used by a broad range of people to create websites, and you can say that WordPress is working on 30% of the internet. The best part is that it’s free because WordPress is open-source software, and thousands of software developers are working on it to make it better day by day.

1- Free Themes To Create A Simple WordPress Website

The Beauty of WordPress is that you have to choose between eleven thousand attractive, dynamic themes; you can also choose from more than fifty-five thousand plug-ins and widgets that help you add exceptional functionality to your website.

Making a website with WordPress is always possible from anywhere as it is all online.

2- Let’s Know More About WordPress

Now we’ll talk about why it is worth making a WordPress site in 2021.

WordPress is still the central state we are designing and developing software, and you’ll most be wondering why I am using the main state word for WordPress, yes! It is because many people nowadays use WordPress, and many small businesses use WordPress in this new era. No other platform can beat WordPress.

3- Perfect CMS For Blogs and Businesses

WordPress is a blogging platform with a perfect content management system. It is the most famous blog developing software system which many small business people use.

Huge developers are working with WordPress, making WordPress plug-ins, e-commerce tools, various themes, etc.

4- Excellent Platform For Learning Manipulating Themes

For some reason, many new-age programmers found WordPress an excellent platform for learning manipulating themes found at and mutually popular among small people in business as it gives more money while running your business finely.

5- A Bit of Programming Knowledge Is A Plus For Creating A Simple WordPress website

If you know some PHP, CSS, and HTML5, you can run a successful campaign on WordPress, and Now you are a WordPress web professional.

I must conclude that if you want to be a professional WordPress web developer, you need to know the basics of HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, some bootstrap, and some other web development plug-ins.

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