9 Working Answers for How to Stop Nail Biting Naturally

How to Stop Nail Biting

Today, we are again here to talk to satisfy the concerns of our readers about how to stop nail biting naturally?. Let’s talk about this;

When you develop some stress most of you unconsciously develop different habits. Also, one that can be so damaging is Nail biting. So, we have searched and brought a list to help you out and answered a list to stop nail biting products and remedies to make you stop it immediately.

Some of you find only the solution and the best deterrent is nail polish to stop biting.

But, there are more ways for how to Stop Nail Biting naturally, you can buy products, and try relevant remedies that can do the job accurately.

Learn the 9 ways for how to stop nail biting naturally.

1. Aloe Vera Gel To Stop Nail Biting

For how to stop nail biting naturally, aloe vera still comes on number 1. Pluck the aloe Vera leaves from the plant, cut them to get the gel extracted apply it likewise on the nails, and let you stop biting your nails again and again.

Also, aloe vera gel is so beneficial for treating damaged nails caused by Nail Biting habits.

So, when you use aloe vera gel you are treating your habit to bite your nails along with treating damaged nails.

2. Bitter Melon As A Nail Biting Deterrent

If you have bitter melon at home your half job has been done. Cut a piece of it and rub it onto your nails and wait till it gets dried. Now, when you’ll bite your nails it won’t let you bite your nails again.

Or blend a piece of bitter melon with some water and do the same with it.

But, still, you will be so consistent with using this technique that you could stop doing this nail damaging job.

3. Chopped Garlic Saves Sails

Garlic tastes so unpleasant. So, rubbing them off against the tips of your nails might help you stop this weird habit. Chop garlic well and apply it to your nails and wait for a while to let it dry.

If you don’t have enough time to chop the garlic you also can rub a garlic clove against the tips of your nails.

But, it can only behave as a deterrent when you don’t like its taste.

4. Short Nails Help Stop Nail Biting

Keep your nails short so if you’ll bite them your fingers will pain. Doing it, again and again, will make you stop doing this.

Better go with some nail art treatment on our short nails so have some motivation not to ruin how good your nails look.

5. Wearing Gloves Are Irritating Enough

When you wear gloves and bite your nails, you unconsciously bite your gloves which do not cause harm to your natural nails. 

Also, biting your gloves sometimes will make you feel irritated and you’ll stop your Nail Biting habit.

Keep putting on gloves till you don’t get rid of this destructive habit of Nail Biting.

6. Band-Aids

Band-Aids are a way better solution to make your natural nails safe from Nail Biting and will help you stop Nail Biting. 

But, it can look odd when you move publicly and might cause irritation when using the phone or doing certain jobs.

Anyways, if you are looking ways for how to stop nail biting naturally you will have to do certain things to let the magic happen.

7. Fake Nails

Wearing fake nails can help you save your natural nails if you have a Nail Biting habit. These fake nails are having a structure more like natural nails. You’ll bite them and will save your natural nails. But, it won’t stop you from Nail Biting.

Also, these nails don’t taste like your natural nails so there are fewer chances of biting them much as you do with your natural nails.

9. Nail Polish to Stop Biting Nails

 Nail polishes that are made to deter Nail Biting last longer and are more comfortable to put on. These polishes are a better solution to Stop Nail Biting habits.

Apply these polishes to save your nails and make you don’t bite them again as they taste so badly.

10. Neem Oil

If you are looking for how to stop nail biting naturally, same like pepper neem oil can be used as a deterrent to stop nail biting but it can be harmful as well. As neem oil is basically a pesticide poison.

So better apply some other remedies for how to stop nail biting naturally If you still haven’t gotten rid of Nail Biting try this tip too.

If you’re not into reading, you’ll might love watching video for How to Stop Nail Biting Naturally. Check this out now;


Q: How to Stop Nail Biting Naturally?

A: There can be more than one tip and tricks to avoid or stop Nail Biting habits. You can apply some bitter juices or extracts on the tips or your nails or wrap them up with some irritating covering to make you no more bite your nails. Instead, try a fidget ball to release stress, and don’t go for Nail Biting.

Q: Can Your Nails Recover from Biting?

A: Nail Biting is so damaging that sometimes when you damage your nails from Nail Biting they might not become the same again. But, You can apply some aloe vera gel on regular basis to make it recover. Although, they will never grow the same again. Look for the entire article for how to stop nail biting naturally.

Q: Is Vaseline Good for Nail Growth?

A: If you wanna grow your nails faster have a healthy diet and take care of vitamin intake. But, when it comes to Vaseline nothing can work so better than it. 

Q: How Long Does it Take for Bitten Nails to Grow Back?

A: It will take a few weeks to grow the bitten nails back again. But, if you have lost an entire fingernail it can be so delayed even it can take up to 6 months to grow back completely. You should necessarily look for how to stop nail biting naturally.


When you’re conscious about how you look. You feel ashamed of your bitten and damaged nails. It’s normal, many people when developing some stress develop a nail-biting habit. Yes, it is so damaging. But. we are talking about how to stop nail biting naturally. There are many stop nail-biting products available in the market or you can use some DIY nail biting remedies or home remedies.

But one should be very consistent with these remedies to make them actually work. Go choose some remedy from 10 of them mentioned above and get rid of this damaging habit.

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