DIY Cuticle Guard Recipes for Stains Free Manicure Look

Cuticle Guard Recipes

DIY cuticle guard is actually something that helps you save your cuticles from polish stains when you go for any kind of nail art. When you visit saloons for nail art treatments, it’s their responsibility to take care of your cuticles and make them stains-free.

But, when you do something like that at home, whether you go for certain nail art, manicure procedure, nail stencils, or simply apply polish to your nails it’s your responsibility to make your cuticles stains free. 

You might be thinking of acetone to save your nails in this regard, but it’s not the solution. Acetone can even destroy your nail art

When you apply a good cuticle guard, you become hasslefree to save your cuticles from polish stains.

How Does A Cuticle Guard Work?

A cuticle guard regardless of what you use for a brand-based cuticle guard or DIY, cuticle guard actually develops a layer on the cuticle to save cuticle skin from stains of polish.

Also, if you go for acrylic treatment or any other nail art procedure, it saves your nails completely.

When you apply this cuticle guard layer on cuticles it allows be peeled off with the help tweezer and left no stains on the skin.

Acetone is a damaging chemical and access to it results in dead cuticles and also destroys your nail art.

So, better apply some DIY cuticle nail art. Also if you don’t want a DIY cuticle guard recipe better buy this one from the market or online.

1. Glue Based DIY Cuticle Guard

When you talk about DIY cuticle Guards, you want something that you can easily be available with.

Glue can fulfill a purpose to do so. Apply it around the edges of the cuticle and let no stains on the nails. 

Let’s learn to apply it;

  1. Take a bowl and add some glue to it.
  2. Pick an old polish brush and apply glue on the edges of your nails.
  3. Wait for approx. 5 to 6 minutes to let the glue dry.
  4. If you’re in a hurry, use a hair-dried or fan to let the glue dry immediately.
  5. If you have coated your cuticles with a DIY glue cuticle guard, you’re done.
  6. Now you can start your amazing nail art without getting your nails stained.
  7. When you’re done with your nail art you can peel off the glue. 
  8. You’ll see that your cuticles have remained safe during the procedure.

Why Do We Like It

  1. Affective in its job.
  2. Low cost to buy it.
  3. Not toxic or made up of bad chemicals.
  4. Not bad for health conditions.
  5. No latex was added.
  6. Not allergic.


Don’t dry it directly on cuticles. Try the little glue on the back of your hand and as we do in the procedure you should wait till it gets dried and then peel off.

This practice will let you know if causes any damage or not.

2. Use Petroleum Jelly as a Cuticle Guard

The second way to do it with home-available ingredients is to use petroleum jelly or Vaseline as a DIY cuticle guard.

Do the same procedure as you did with the glue in the earlier cases. Learn how can you do this;

  1. Take the cap of the Vaseline bottle off. 
  2. Take a little petroleum jelly out of it using the back of a spoon.
  3. Now take a brush and apply the Vaseline to the cuticles with care.
  4. Don’t let Vaseline it won’t help polish to stick on nails.
  5. Now apply your nail art.
  6. If the polish stains have reached the cuticle they won’t glue up there.
  7. Take a paper towel and wipe away the jelly from the cuticles.
  8. You’ll see that polish stains are gone.


Q: What can I use instead of a Cuticle Pusher?

A: If you’re not available with a cuticle pusher you need not be worried. Simply use the thinner side of the spoon or your finger to do it.

Or go for an ice cream stick for the better-cleaned look of pushed-off cuticles.

Q: What to Put on Cuticles when Painting Nails?

A: Get your nails covered with little Vaseline or petroleum jelly and if you don’t have that simply apply some paper glue on cuticles with the help of a polish brush and peel it off when the procedure is done.

It’s a very simple and life-saving trick to get stains-free cuticles after a great nail art treatment.

Q: Why Should Not Use Acetone on Cuticles?

A: Acetone causes cuticles to get dried which causes the cuticle skin to be dread which does not look good. Also, it can ruin your nail art.

Q: What can I use Instead of Liquid Latex for Nails?

A: Plain old-school glue or paper glue can be used if you don’t have liquid latex or if you don’t want to use it. Latex can be allergic and costly to buy at the same time. 

So, save money and health and put on paper glue.


Cuticle guards are effort savers which is a hassle cause when you get your cuticles stained with polishes you apply after a manicure.

This hassle can ruin your mood or excitement of an amazing treatment. But, a little effort and consciousness can save you almost.

Try a cuticle guard of any good brand or prepare it by yourself. DIY is made of easily available ingredients and performs a great job. 

As we mentioned the two ingredients with proper procedure to apply and get no stains on cuticle after that much working on nails enjoys reading save your future efforts.

Don’t take acetone to remove these stains that it’s so damaging, let it be a good cuticle guard.

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