5 Amazing DIY Cuticle Remover for Great Manicure

DIY Cuticle Remover


Removing cuticles is a Manicure practice that is essential to perform for getting neat and attractive nails. It does not involve any rocket science, but you need a proper DIY cuticle remover procedure to make your manicure go well.

First of all, You need to soften the cuticles with the help of a cuticle softener DIY and then get them pushed with the help of a manicure pusher. Any homemade cuticle remover will also work.

Also, The DIY cuticle remover creams when used in the right manner are so good. People can see a difference between nails with removed cuticles and without removed cuticles. One can easily find cuticle removal creams from physical and e-stores.

Also, you can use homemade cuticle remover cream to do it in the comfort of your own home and with no cost to pay. Most standing-alone household items can work as an at-home cuticle remover.

Moreover, if you want to buy DIY cuticle remover cream from the market for ease, below are some choices, skip them if you are interested in homemade cuticle remover;

1. Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover
Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover

Firstly, I chose to do a home cuticle remover process that was good enough but required time-by-time treatment, which I couldn’t afford. Then, as per recommendation by one of my friends I ordered Sally Hansen instant cuticle remover cream on amazon. 

Just like any natural cuticle remover, this cuticle softener DIY helps eliminate excess cuticles in 15 seconds. It is formularized with moisturizing Aloe and Chamomile, responsible for conditioning and soothing the skin and keeping your cuticles protected from damage. 

With Sally Hansen’s Instant Cuticle Remover, It was a goodbye to recalcitrant cuticles for good! It worked quite rapidly, and it softened the cuticles so that every time I used it I LOVED IT.

When you don’t have time to wait, apply Sally Hansen DIY cuticle remover to expedite the procedure and reduce the amount of time it takes.

Usage Tips

  1. Remove cuticles by using a little Instant DIY Cuticle Remover.
  2. Now, Wait for 15 seconds 
  3. Use a cotton-dipped manicure tool and gently push back the cuticles. 
  4. Use warm, soapy water should to fully remove any remaining residue from the skin. 
  5. Massage the cream to get rid of calluses for just a minute.
  6. Now, use warm, soapy water to cleanse the affected area.

Why We Like It

  • Ultra-fast cuticle removal.
  • Soothing and conditioning property.
  • Cheap at cost.
  • Top rated on amazon.


  • Could be harsh on nails once left for more than one minute.

2. Butter LONDON Melt Away Cuticle Exfoliator

Butter LONDON Melt Away Cuticle Exfoliator
Butter LONDON Melt Away Cuticle Exfoliator

Bonding with the same product doesn’t always help. Tried this Butter London cuticle remover as well during a period in my life. As I’m a manicure geek and try different products as many of you depend on my suggestions

So, yes! this one worked as well. You can get your dry, overgrown cuticles removed in minutes using this cuticle softener DIY. Also, it promotes smooth and healthy-looking cuticles. Shake the substance well before the procedure and apply to get your cuticles removed immediately.

(I’m sick of cutting my cuticles off every time)

You don’t need to clip your cuticles thanks to this DIY Cuticle Exfoliator emulsion. Butter London’s cuticle remover solution eliminates the need to cut. When you use it, your cuticles become softer so that they may be pulled back. Using it on a daily basis is a nail-friendly option. Cuticles can be pushed back more easily.

Usage Tips

  1. Apply a little emulsion to the cuticles. 
  2. Wait for  2 minutes.
  3. Now, gently push back cuticles. 
  4. Remove excess residue from your nails using a cotton bud
  5. Use warm, soapy water should to fully remove any remaining residue from the skin.

Why We Like It

  • Quick cuticle removal.
  • Healthy looking cuticles
  • Manageable at cost
  • Best reviewed on amazon.


  • When left in the open air it may get thickened.

3. Blue Cross Cuticle Remover

Blue Cross Cuticle Remover
Blue Cross Cuticle Remover

If you ask me I will say that BLUE CROSS Cuticle Remover is a moisturizing expert. Whether you wanna apply it after the cuticle removal process or you wanna push them back go for it!

It safely removes cuticles easily without cutting and removes dead tissue while leaving the cuticles moisturized just like using organic at-home cuticle remover. You have to apply the solution around the base of the nails and massage lightly around the cuticle. 

To safely and quickly remove cuticles without cutting, use Blue Cross Cuticle Remover 16 oz., which is fortified with lanolin. This great emulsion makes you removed without any pain, and the cuticles are left smooth and flexible.

Usage Tips 

  1. Apply instant cuticle remover around the base of nails.
  2. Gently massage it around your cuticle. 
  3. Push the cuticles back with the gentle 
  4. Wash off nails with soapy warm water.
  5. Pat dry your nails 
  6. Now you are ready to apply polish.

Why We Like It

  • Made up of safe chemicals 
  • Keeps your skin moisturized
  • Low price
  • Removes cuticle fast


  • The item may not get shipped to certain areas.

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4. Barielle Cuticle Remover

Barielle Cuticle Remover
Barielle Cuticle Remover

Besides, I’m not here to demotivate using other natural cuticle remover or market available versions. Barielle Cuticle Remover is the best solution for DIY cuticle removal no doubt.

This DIY Cuticle remover fluid has been made specially to soften and remove dry, rigid cuticles. This glycerin and Jojoba oil-infused cuticle remover keeps cuticles moisturized and leaves no residue and extra oil on the surface. it gave me great results and I recommended it to others and every one of them came out with great results as well.

With the new Barielle Cuticle Remover, the ultimate treatment for removing cuticles is now available easily.

This product is designed to soften and eliminate hardened cuticles.

Liquid Cuticle Removing Cream Glycerin and Jojoba oils are used to make this product more moisturizing. No oily residue is left behind.

All Barielle products conform to our 10+ harmful chemical-free composition which includes Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl Phthalate, Triphenyl Phosphate, Ethyl Tosylamide, Diethhy Phthalate, Parabens, Animal Byproducts & Xylene. All Products by Barielle are free of these toxic chemicals.

Usage Tips

  1. Apply Barielle cuticle remover dipped thin strip around the base of nails.
  2. Keep it there for about one minute.
  3. Take the strip off from the nail.
  4. Push the cuticles back with the gentle cuticle pusher
  5. Wash off nails with soapy warm water.
  6. Pat dry your nails and apply some cream
  7. Now you are ready to apply polish.

Why We Like It

  • Good moisturizer
  • Leaves no residue on the surface
  • Safe chemical formula
  • The ultimate treatment for cuticle removal


  • It may take longer than other items (maybe a few seconds)

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5. CND Cuticle Exfoliator

CND cuticle remover/ exfoliator

When I used this CND cuticle exfoliator/remover I felt so breathe. This product undoubtedly made you all covered.

Using this, you can get rid of your cuticles in minutes and prepare your nails for a beautiful manicure. 
(I tried it many times and every time it turned awesome just like any natural cuticle remover)
A cuticle remover and callus softening with professional-strength ingredients is something outstanding. Calluses are treated quickly and effectively with this product as well.

Usage Tips

  1. Apply a small amount around the base of each nail.
  2. Gently remove excess cuticle.
  3. Immediately wash off.

Why We Like It

  • Good moisturizer
  • Leaves no residue on the surface
  • Safe chemical formula
  • The ultimate treatment for cuticle removal.


  • Currently, there is no advantage to using the product.

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Let’s get started with home cuticle remover procedures and products now;

How to Make Homemade Cuticle Remover?

Buying market products is so costly, and when you go to the saloon for certain treatment, they charge you so much. So, I’m writing this article to make people realize that DIY cuticle remover is not such a difficult task. We can make at-home cuticle remover cream with comfort by using home remedies for cuticle remover.

We’re sharing three ways to homemade cuticle remover to make you do it easily in the comfort of your home; 

1. Routine Homemade Cuticle Remover

Whenever you want to remove your dead cuticles, you’re never out of ingredients to do so. You can do a DIY cuticle remover process with ingredients you can easily find in your home kitchen. Sometimes soap, warm water, and a few drops of cuticle along a manicure pusher are enough for a worthy homemade cuticle remover.

If you don’t have cuticle remover, any moisturizing oil can work as a home cuticle remover;


  1. Warm water
  2. A soap
  3. Few drops of cuticle oil
  4. Metallic manicure pusher
  5. Nail brush or beauty sponge.


You might not afford to buy a cuticle remover cream from a marker. Instead, you can try a homemade cuticle remover. It does involve a difficult technique or costly ingredients. Use the ingredients you’re already available as at-home cuticle remover and make it happen;

  1. Use soap and warm water.
  2. Immediately apply a few drops of cuticle oil.
  3. Now, take a cuticle pusher and push the cuticles back.
  4. Let your hands be gently pushing.
  5. Now take a nail brush or beauty sponge and scrub your nails.
  6. You are done!

2. Use Lemon Juice as Homemade Cuticle Remover

Lime juice contains citric acid, which works as a homemade cuticle remover by weakening the cuticle skin and allowing you to remove cuticles without pain. No other things are involved. Just take enough lemon juice, and after the DIY cuticle remover procedure, you will need cuticle oil to get them moisturized.

The ingredients required for using lime juice along with starting a home cuticle remover are just below;


  1. Lime Juice (Due to citric acid)
  2. Metallic Nail Pusher
  3. Few Drops of cuticle oil.


Let’s start using lime juice as a home cuticle remover now;

  1. Take a bowl.
  2. Pour lemon juice into it.
  3. Soak your cuticles for 30 sec in the bowl.
  4. It will soften our cuticles.
  5. Now apply cuticle oil to them.
  6. Gently push the cuticles back.
  7. You’re done.

3. Baking Soda as DIY Cuticle Remover

Baking soda alone is a worthy homemade cuticle remover. Get it mixed with water, make the paste and apply to remove the cuticles with just made DIY cuticle remover. Lemon makes your hand’s skin dry, so it’s advisable to use honey instead of water to make it moisturized for longer durations;

Let’s first gather ingredients to start your at-home cuticle remover process on the go.


  1. Baking Soda (1 tbsp)
  2. Honey (1 tbsp)


Let’s get started performing homemade cuticle remover procedure;

  1. Take 1:1 quantity of baking soda and honey in a container
  2. Pick a spoon and stir them to convert both of them into a paste.
  3. Apply the paste to cuticles for no more than 30 seconds.
  4. Use a Metallic manicure pusher to push and remove the excess.
  5. You’re at home cuticle remover is successfully done.


If you don’t have honey, make a baking soda paste and then use some cuticle oil to avoid extreme dryness after using market-bought cream or at-home cuticle remover.


Q: What is a Good at-Home Cuticle Remover?

A: A good at-home cuticle remover can be;

  1. Aloe Vera gel
  2. Olive oil
  3. Almond Oil 
  4. Jojoba oil

These ingredients are a kind of homemade cuticle remover that help soften cuticles, and their pushing and removing process becomes less painful.

Q: What is the Main Ingredient in DIY Cuticle Remover?

A: Sodium hydro-oxide is the main ingredient in market-available homemade cuticle remover creams. It helps to weaken dead cuticles and makes removal easy. You can use it alone as a home cuticle remover as well.

Q: Are Cuticle Removers Bad?

A: Market-bought cuticle remover creams can cause dryness to your cuticles, so they don’t cause your cuticles to dry out. Dryness can cause the cuticle remover process to be hard and painful. It is also so damaging to remove dead cuticles and nails as well. Use at-home cuticle remover and apply some cuticle oil to avoid this dryness.

Q: Do Cutting Cuticles Make Them Worse?

A: Cutting the cuticles is not recommended employing health. When you cut them, you get the space opened, and then you cannot stop anything from getting in. It causes infection and ridges under the nails. But the beauty is anyhow not about the health.

So, instead of cutting your cuticles, push them back using a comfortable at-home cuticle remover.

(homemade cuticle removers are a better choice because they cause less danger)

Q: How Do You Soften and Remove Cuticles?

A: An easy homemade cuticle remover to keep nails looking their best is to simply soak a hand or foot in soapy, warm water for around 10 minutes every few days. This DIY cuticle remover is much softer and easier to clean this way. Massage cream and cuticle oil may also be utilized. Your cuticles should be moisturized on a regular basis to prevent dryness and cracking. So, you’re at home cuticle remover could make your nails and hands look good.


We’ve seen how important are cuticle removal and how we can get rid of them and what homemade cuticle removers we can use. Cuticle removal using at-home cuticle remover is easy and involves no rare products to make it happen.

There are as many at-home cuticle remover creams to perform this DIY cuticle remover practice as you want.

We’ve so far mentioned 3 of the most used homemade cuticle remover methods that are very easy to use and are yet effective.

We always share the topics to share with accurate information. Also, we ensure the authenticity of the information that we gather for you.

Keep reading the articles available on our website and satisfy your concerns by making comments and asking us.

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