Comfort Recipe to DIY Nail Dehydrator and Primer

DIY Nail Dehydrator and Primer

Today’s topic is how to make a DIY nail dehydrator and primer at home. I’m going to talk about the importance of DIY nail dehydrators and share my positive experiences with them.

A decent manicure, without a doubt, includes several methods with proper products so is the DIY nail dehydrator. Furthermore, the significance of some factors cannot be overstated if you want to get it done nicely.

Dehydration of the nail bed before coming for a manicure is critical to ensuring that your polish or artificial nails last longer and provide a smooth experience.

Going to the salon costs money; they do all of your treatments for a fee. However, a manicure is not usually associated with a saloon. Being your own nail specialist, you can do an excellent manicure at home.

For that, you can buy a nail dehydrator or primer from a store, also you can do it by yourself. You need some ingredients for a DIY nail dehydrator and they will make your job done.

Use Acetone & Isopropyl Alcohol as DIY Nail Dehydrator

A solution of combined Acetone and Isopropyl Alcohol is the easiest and best substitute for a DIY nail dehydrator or primer.

Both of them when in their specified ratios are combined in a mixture work as a quick nail dehydrator. It helps remove moisture and oils from your nails to increase the durability and reliability of your fake nails whether gel nails or acrylic nails. It basically causes dryness to nails which makes prevents chipping and peeling nails and thus ensures longevity in their lifetime.

Moist is not a good thing for your fake nails or even for applying nail polish.

So, it’s recommended to use a nail dehydrator before you go for a manicure or apply some nail polish.

How to Use Acetone & Isopropyl Alcohol as a Nail Primer?

If you want to go for a DIY nail dehydrator it’s not difficult and you can do it in the comfort of your home. If you want to do it quickly apply some isopropyl alcohol to your nails and then coat them with acetone. It’s so simple to do it;

  1. Take a clean nail polish brush.
  2. Dip it into the isopropyl alcohol and apply a coat of it onto your nails using a clean polish brush.
  3. Wait till the alcohol gets evaporated and no moisture of it is left behind.
  4. Now, apply a coat of acetone to the same nail.
  5. Wait for the second coat to be dried.
  6. You’ve successfully dehydrated your nails!

You have seen that achieving dehydration of your nails does not involve science and is very easy to apply. 


Don’t use cotton or tissue to apply acetone or isopropyl alcohol on your nails. Their threads are difficult to remove from there. So, we’ve mentioned applying with the help of a lean nail polish brush.

How to Store Nail Primer?

Mixing things right before you go for a procedure sometimes takes so much time to gather things and causes a delay in the main procedure.

So, you can store the mixture for immediate use whenever you want. 

  1. Take little Isopropyl alcohol in the nail polish bottle.
  2. Take the same quantity of acetone in the same bottle.
  3. Properly clean the nail polish brush with the same bottle.
  4. Airtight and save it for later use.


You can use any other bottle than nail polish but you should be sure about its durability and airtight when ingredients are mixed.


Q: What Ingredients Are In Nail Primer?

A: DIY nail dehydrators and primers do not involve much quantity of costly ingredients. You only need to have some acetone and the same quantity of alcohol to be mixed. Also, you can apply it coat by coat f you want.

Q: Do You Need Primer To Do Your Nails?

A: Using a primer or DIY nail dehydrator removes moisture from nails which is essential before you go for a manicure treatment. Removing moisture and oils from nails hep fake nails whether gel nails or acrylic nails to stay longer. It stops nails from chipping and feeling and makes it safe to handle them.

Q: Is Primer Necessary For Acrylic Nails?

A: Application of primer or nail dehydrator is vital in acrylic nail application. It’s called primer because do it before the procedure. It makes nails pasted properly and is responsible for their reliable adhesion. It removes moisture from the nail’s surface and makes them sticky and prevents chipping and peeling.

Q: Can I Use a Base Coat as a Primer For Acrylic Nails?

A: The base Coat is responsible for nourishing the nails as it contains calcium, proteins, and multivitamins. When you buff the nails applying it is a plus. But still, base coat and primer both are different things and cannot be used interchangeably. Acrylic nails need a dehydrator before application.

Q: Can I Use Alcohol As a DIY Nail Dehydrator?

A: Alcohol alone can do the DIY nail dehydrator job wonderfully. It takes moisture and oils from the nail plate. Also, rubbing alcohol can be the best fit for this job causing dryness to the nails, and promoting good polish and fake nails application.

Dehydrate the nail plate using alcohol and go rehydration after the application of polish if you want.


Dehydration of nails is an essential step to go before a manicure or applying polish to make it stay longer. Also, in the case of gel nails and acrylic nails application of nail dehydrator/ nail primer is of vital importance. Dehydrating them allows them to stay for a longer duration without causing chipping and peeling which is caused by the oils and moisture of the nail bed.

When you use nail primer or dehydrator before going for the procedure of such great importance it removes moisture and oils and guarantees a better result. 

You can buy these nail dehydrators/ nail primers from the market and if it costs you so much and you can’t afford them you can go for a DIY nail dehydrator.

You are not required to gather plenty of ingredients or tools for doing so but a little quantity of Isopropyl Alcohol and acetone can work more than good.

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