DIY Nail Strengthener That Works

DIY Nail Strengthener

To prevent nail damage and promote healthy growth of the DIY nail strengthener is a vital solution. It brings the health of your nails back and helps strengthen them. DIY nail strengtheners are a better option to have full fledge benefits extracted out of low cost.

There are many reasons that can cause nail damage. When you carelessly remove your fake nails it is also damaging to your natural nails while cold weather is another factor. Also, many people have a habit of chewing or biting their nails it stops your nails to grow longer and cause damage to the nail bed.

Let’s learn more about DIY nail strengthener;

Why Should We Use DIY Nail Strengthener?

We always mention that problems come with their optimal solution. When silk wraps, gel nails, or other fake nails make your nails look better but end up with worsening conditions. They badly damage your nails in most cases.

Also, if you’re a housewife you have to use your hands most of the time either for lifting objects washing clothes or doing other jobs.

Bad mental health, sports activities daily exercise is also damaging factors.

So, a DIY nail strengthener can help you restore your healthy nails and ensure their better growth. You can buy these nail strengtheners from the market but they might not be reasonable or as worthy as our homemade DIY nail strengthener is.

DIY Nail Strengthener Recipe

We have discussed the importance of a DIY nail strengthener/ hardener above. Now, if you want to bring the health and old charm of your nails it’s time to learn a recipe for it.

In addition, the DIY nail hardener is made up of all-natural ingredients. So, from now if we will say natural nail hardener we mean the same as a DIY nail hardener.

Ingredients To Make DIY Nail Strengthener/ Hardener

The below ingredients are the core of a DIY nail strengthener and magical to make your nails fresh, shiny, and healthy. Let’s know what ingredients are involved in this wonderful natural nail hardener recipe.

  1. Olive oil (2 tbsp)
  2. Lemon Juice (2tbsp)
  3. Chopped or mashed garlic (1 tsp)

How to Make DIY Nail Strengthener?

  1. Take a bowl and pour lemon juice and olive oil into it.
  2. Stir both solvents to make them mixed.
  3. Now, add chopped/ mashed garlic
  4. Mix up the mentioned ingredients with the help of a spoon.
  5. Your mixture will achieve a paste-like consistency, but it will be some watery.
  6. Dry your nails and keep soaking them in the mixture for the next 10 minutes.
  7. Now take your fingers out of the bowl.
  8. Use a soft cloth or paper towel to wipe them off.
  9. Wash your hands using soap and water.
  10. Repeat the process twice or thrice a week and you will see its amazing benefits.

An Easy Alternative to Natural Nail Strengthener

If you find extracting juices and essential oils and adding additives to them difficult. We have another suggestion that works exactly like the above-mentioned DIY nail strengthener and that is castor oil.

Pour some castor oil into a boil and take it with you when you go to bed. Follow the same steps above daily for desired results.

Here goes the video for at home DIY nail strengthener that anyone can try out!


Q: What Is The Best Nail Strengthener Oil?

A: Vitamin E oil is very important when we talk about the best oil for nail strengthening. It prevents your nail surface from getting yellow which usually happens when you use nail polishes most of the time. It fills up the nail cracks and makes them look healthy and shiny. Also, it is so moisturizing and keeps your nails straight due to its hardening ability.

Q: Why Are My Nails Soft And Bendy?

A: Soft and bendy nails break easily. They come to this position when they are exposed to extreme moisture or adverse chemicals. Maybe using detergents or cleaning sources or even using nail polish removers causes this position.

It happens because these factors lead to the deficiency of calcium, iron, fatty acids, and Vitamin B.

Q: Is Coconut Oil Good For Nails?

A: Coconut oil is a great nail that moisturizes and helps treat dead brittle and cracked nails. It also helps to live the dead cuticles back by being a good moisturizer.

It contains essential amino acids and works the same as transepidermal water loss preventers.

Q: What Oils Can Penetrate Nails?

A: Vitamin E oil or jojoba oil have enough molecules to get absorbed in the nails.

Q: Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help Brittle Nails?

A: When your get your nails brittle apple cider vinegar helps like magic. It has magical properties of essential multivitamins, iron, calcium, and moisturizing factors. Take it in a bowl and soak your nails in it. Do it repeated times for getting immediately the better results.


A manicure geek always wanders in the search of answers to the questions that arise in his mind about the health and beauty of her nails. We satisfy all of their concerns about manicure products and techniques every time.

This time we came up with a topic with the highest protocol which is a die nail hardener. This DIY nail hardener contains all-natural ingredients. So, we called it a natural nail hardener. Very little cost to purchase these natural ingredients is going to make you have the priceless beauty of your hands. We have also mentioned an alternate to this DIY nail hardener which is also rich to make your manicure looks great.

Try applying this for a week and comment that how you found the results.

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