3 Killer Nail Polish Thinner DIY Ideas that Work 100%

Nail Polish Thinner DIY

If you have found your nail polish too thick this is not to worry about. Usually, polishes get thicker and clumpier with the passage of time and you can cure them with nail polish thinner DIY. It is because the solvents out of the polish evaporate and less of them remain still. 

Nail Polish Thinner DIY

But, there’s still nothing to worry about as we come up with the methods to overcome such issues if you have got your nail polish too thick you can thin out nail polish. Also you can do it if nail polish has uneven consistency or has air bubbles. You can change the situation with all types of nail polishes but gel nail polish is the most popular.

How to Make Nail Polish Less Thick?

Here I’m sharing some nail polish thinner DIY recipes that are actually going to save you from wasting them if got thicker. 

Get to know how to thin nail polish;

1. Thin Your Nail Polish With Nail Polish Thinner DIY

What about regular nail polish thinner? First of all, I’m mentioning the way that most of us apply if get nail polish too thick to thin out nail polish whichever you want. Which is the use of nail polish thinner. 


These nail polish thinners are a solution that we add to the thickened-out versions of them to thin out nail polish without losing the quality of pigment involved. Here’s the procedure to polish thinner DIY for you;

  1. Pick a bottle to thin out nail polish.
  2. Add a drop of polish thinner to it.
  3. Warm it up with help of both of your hands and gently mix it.
  4. Open it and check if it has reached the desired consistency.
  5. Add another drop of thinner if needed.

2. Use Pure Acetone To Thin Out Nail Polish

What is nail polish remover? Most nail polish removers contain acetone as the main active ingredient. Acetone is a powerful solvent that effectively removes nail polish but can also be drying to the skin and nails. Some nail polish removers are acetone-free and use alternative solvents, such as ethyl acetate or isopropyl alcohol, which are generally less harsh on the nails.

If you have found your nail polish is too thick and is not available with nail thinner of a good brand you can still thin out your nail polish with ease. Now, learn about how to use acetone as nail polish thinner DIY. So you can use nail polish remover for it.

One should use just a few drops of pure acetone to thin out the nail polish and wear it again. Learn to thin out nail polish with acetone;

  1. Take the desired bottle to thin out nail polish.
  2. Add a drop of polish acetone to it.
  3. Warm it up with help of both of your hands and gently mix it.
  4. Open it and check if it has reached the desired consistency.
  5. Add another drop if you need to thin out nail polish more.
  6. Repeat the process and get the job done.

3. Use Hot Water For Getting Less Thick Nail Polish

If you’re not available with pure acetone or market-brought nail thinner DIY don’t worry. You can make your polish less thick by adding no liquids or chemicals to it if got nail polish is too thick to thin out nail polish. Running hot water could be enough and so magical for it. It works as great nail polish thinner DIY. You can alwaya remove it with nail polish remover.

Learn how to do your thin nail polish using hot water.

  1. Run the hot water tap.
  2. Pick the bottle of polish that has to be thinned.
  3. Hold it under running hot water or pour the hot water into a bowl and soak it for two minutes.
  4. Caution: It can be too hot hold it with care.
  5. Now put it on your palm and mix it up with the help of both hands.
  6. You’ll see that your polish has ideally thinned out.

4. Use rubbing alcohol

While rubbing alcohol can be used as a DIY option to thin out nail polish, it’s important to note that it may not work as effectively as commercial nail polish thinner. Rubbing alcohol can affect the formula and finish of the polish, so proceed with caution and be aware that the results may vary. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use rubbing alcohol as a nail polish thinner:

  1. Assess the Polish: Determine if your nail polish needs thinning. If it has become thick, goopy, or difficult to apply smoothly, it might benefit from some thinning.

  2. Prepare a Clean Surface: Find a clean and flat surface where you can work, such as a table or countertop. Lay down some paper towels or a protective cloth to catch any spills or drips.

  3. Add Rubbing Alcohol: Unscrew the cap of the nail polish bottle and add a few drops of rubbing alcohol into the bottle. Start with just a few drops to avoid thinning the polish too much right away. Remember, you can always add more if needed.

  4. Mix Thoroughly: With the cap securely closed, gently roll the nail polish bottle between your palms to mix the rubbing alcohol and polish. Do not shake vigorously, as this can create air bubbles and affect the polish’s performance.

  5. Test the Consistency: Open the bottle and check the consistency of the polish. If it’s still too thick, add a couple more drops of rubbing alcohol and repeat the mixing process. Continue adding small amounts until you reach the desired consistency.

  6. Swatch and Assess: Apply a small amount of the thinned polish onto a piece of paper or a nail swatch to test its consistency and application. Evaluate if it has reached the desired thickness and if it applies smoothly.

Keep in mind that while rubbing alcohol can help thin out nail polish, it may also affect the polish’s longevity and finish. Additionally, repeated use of rubbing alcohol to thin polish can alter its formula over time. If you’re not satisfied with the results or if the polish’s quality is compromised, it’s best to consider purchasing a commercial nail polish thinner for better performance.


Store Your Polishes in a Cool as Well as Dark Place

If you keep your polishes in a cool and darkened place it increases their lifespan. Keep it in a drawer or shelf in an upward direction and you’ll see that they take more time to thicken than polishes that are kept in hot climates.

Better you put them in the refrigerator if it’s too hot in your room. So, you don’t need any nail polish ( gel nail polish and others) thinner DIY in the future. If you put your polishes in direct contact with sunlight or in warm places their pigment evaporates and in case your nail polish is too thick or causes chipping when applied or causes clumping. Store your polishes in cool and dark places and if still thickened out thin them out using the recipe out of that are mentioned above.

You’ll might like the video for Nail Polish Thinner DIY that anyone can try.


Q: Can I Thin Nail Polish With Remover?

A: Are you looking for diy nail polish thinner? If you use a regular nail polish remover for thinning out your nail polis it can ruin its pigmentation of it. Instead, use a single drop of acetone and get the matter fixed with the desired consistency.

Q: How Can You Thin Nail Polish With Thinner?

A: Using nail thinner is the best way to thin out the polish if got thickened. Just pick an eyedropper and add two to three drops of thinner to the desired bottle gently mix it up with the help of the palms of both hands. It works as the best nail polish thinner DIY.

You’re done with the thinning-out process with your polish.

Q: How To Make Nail Polishes Less Thick?

A: If you’re not available with the nail polish thinner DIY you can do it using a single drop of acetone. Pour into the desired bottle of nail polish and repeat the procedure as we did in the case of polish thinner

Q: How Do You Thin Nail Polish?

A: If your old nail polish has been thickened this isn’t mean that it has reached its expiry. If the expiry date has not been met you can thin out it in certain ways.  Try the following nail polish thinner DIY ideas;

  1. By only shaking the polish bottle.
  2. By running the polish bottle under hot water.
  3. Pouring 2 to 3 drops of polish thinner.
  4. Adding a drop of acetone.

Q: Can I Add Water To Nail Polish?

A: Take the bottle of clumpy or goopy polish under the running hot water for two minutes or get it soaked in a bowl of hot water for the same duration ad get the job done with ease. You don’t need to mix hot water with your polish as nail polish thinner DIY.


When we want to do things properly it involves some procedures and certain care to be taken out. So, when we’re so cautious about using nail polishes we should aware of some techniques involved. Thinning out polishes is also one vital way to increase the longevity of polishes if they’re not reached expiry and you have got very thick polish. We have mentioned some nail polish thinner DIY ideas to make your day.

Tell me in the comments how you thin polish.

Nail polish thin-out procedure involves a little care not to get rid of the pigmentation but only make less thick nail polish.

Someone asked me how you thin nail polish which led me to write this article. I’ve mentioned three recipes for doing it where you can make your shelf polishes stay longer and thin out nail polish.

Read also:

What can I mix with nail polish to make it thinner?

Acetone or nail polish thinner can be mixed with nail polish to make it thinner.

How can I thin my nail polish at home?

You can thin your nail polish at home by adding a few drops of nail polish thinner or acetone to the bottle and gently shaking it.

Can I use alcohol to thin gel polish?

No, alcohol is not typically used to thin gel polish. Gel polish is specifically formulated to be cured under a UV or LED lamp, and altering its consistency with alcohol may affect its ability to cure properly. It’s recommended to use specific gel polish thinners or consult the manufacturer’s instructions for thinning gel polish.

What is pure acetone?

Pure acetone refers to acetone that is free from any additives or dilutions. It is a colorless, volatile liquid that is commonly used as a solvent in various industries, including nail care. Pure acetone is often used for removing nail polish, gels, and acrylic nails due to its strong dissolving properties.




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