How To Dry Gel Nail Polish Without UV Light correctly?

How To Dry Gel Nail Polish Without UV Light

Today, the point of discussion is How To Dry Gel Nail Polish Without UV Light. Let’s discuss a few essential things about it and then we’ll directly move to the subject. When it comes to giving an immediate shine, gel nail polish is superior to all other varieties of nail lacquer.

Gel polish has one major downside, though: curing it requires the use of an LED or UV light.

However, it is well known that being near UV light is harmful to one’s health.

In addition, most individuals can’t give themselves a gel manicure at home since they don’t have access to UV rays.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to have their nails done at a salon on a regular basis. For low cost and with the comfort you may make it happen. Find out How To Dry Gel Nail Polish Without UV Light is explained below;

Can You Dry Gel Polish Without UV Light?

Fortunately, gel polish doesn’t always need to be cured under UV light. However, although using a drying agent or bathing your nails in cold water may help speed up the curing process, only a UV light or an LED lamp can fully cure your polish. Let’s get to know How To Dry Gel Nail Polish Without UV Light when you run out of lead sources.

How To Dry Gel Nail Polish Without UV Light?

If you want to use your brand-new, excellent gel nail polish today but don’t have a UV light or are wanting to restrict exposure, don’t think it needs to be stashed in the back of your shelf.

You don’t need a UV light to get professional results when applying gel nail polish to either natural or artificial nails.

Keep reading to learn and know tested and true methods for How To Dry Gel Nail Polish Without UV Light? Although these methods may not be as quick or as effective as using UV light, they do work.

1. Use Non-UV Gel Polish

If you’re interested to know How To Dry Gel Nail Polish Without UV Light use non-UV gel polish. You might choose non-UV-emitting gel polishes if you’re concerned about your skin’s vulnerability to ultraviolet light.

Absolutely, they exist in the physical world. For instance, OPI gel nail lacquer does not need a UV light for the application. When it comes to application and drying time, nothing is different from “normal nail polish.”

A base coat, your desired gel paint color, and a top coat are the proper order for doing your nails. The next step is curing time, the same as with any other kind of nail polish. Viola! Wow, that was easy! But with UV gel polish you need some other method for How To Dry Gel Nail Polish Without UV Light? 

2. Create an Ice Water Bath

If you wanna know How To Dry Gel Nail Polish Without UV Light using an ice water bath. It’s possible to keep the following alternatives on hand in the freezer. To do this, just fill a dish with ice cubes and extremely cold water.

Then, once you’ve painted your nails, bathe them in an ice bath for five minutes.

If you’re done, don’t bother taking off the gel polish. Wash the clothes and hang them up to dry. It may take a few more hours for the top coat to fully harden, despite the fact that it may seem to be tough after only a few.

3. Apply Cooking Spray

It is possible to apply gel nail paint with cooking spray as an alternative to utilizing UV or LED nail lamps.

Among ways of How To Dry Gel Nail Polish Without UV Light? this one really works. Gel polish may be cured by simply spraying it with cooking spray and letting it dry naturally. This is one of the many ways gel polish can be cured.

After your gel polish has fully dried, remove the spray from the bottle.

The greatest part is that in addition to drying out your skin and nails while curing your gel paint manicure, this spray will also leave your nails and skin feeling soft and dry. Everyone comes out on top in this scenario!

4. Use an Ultra-Violet Substitute (SUN)

How To Dry Gel Nail Polish Without UV Light? the answer is the sun!

When it comes to UV radiation, the sun is a viable option for creating gel manicures.

Very user-friendly; all you have to do is put on some nail polish and wait for it to dry in the sun.

Be aware that reducing your exposure to UV rays may be difficult and time-consuming, and that doing so is not always a good idea.

This choice could probably wait until the summer when you have more free time to bask in the sun and perfect your tan. Do not soak your toes or fingernails in water before reading this!

5. Use a Quick-Drying Nail Polish Spray

Have a bottle of quick-drying nail polish spray on hand if you often paint your own nails.

Nail beds should be sprayed with this product often, much as you would with a cooking spray, for the greatest effects.

If you don’t want to ruin the gel polish, you should let it dry completely before touching your nails.

After the nails and skin around them have dried, pat them with a clean towel.

If you don’t want the chemical to contact any other area of your hands, you may cover them with a towel, newspaper, or anything else.

How To Dry Gel Nail Polish Without UV Light? You know the five ways to do it now, have fun and try doing things that matter.

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