Facebook Change Name To Meta Why?

facebook change name to meta

We all want to know Facebook Change its Name to “Meta” why?¬†Also, They have changed the logo, which Mark Zuckerberg said in the live stream. He said that he’s going to rebrand Facebook with a new name meta.

Most people are confused about actually what that metaverse is. Also, they think that what was the need to change the Facebook name?

Facebook Change Name to “Meta” Why? FaceBook Metaverse Company

We all know that Facebook has had such an ill reputation for the past few years in the tech market that Facebook is selling user data illegally and some other things also.

After seeing this save itself and reproduce its image by keeping the future in mind, Facebook has changed its name to Meta.

Not only this, but Mark Zuckerberg is in his live stream,  also explaining that he is changing his Facebook name and logo.

Moreover, he is including metaverse on Facebook.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a high-tech and futuristic technology. With the help of this technology you can talk with your friends and family, you can play games with them and do everything you can do with them, whatever you can do in reality.

You might have seen this technology in movies, but it is now a part of reality utilizing meta, which works in the principle of the metaverse.

Will Facebook Change Name Will Affect Past Functionality?

In his video, Mark Zuckerberg has clearly said that they are rebranding Facebook, but its main goal will remain the same. They will still encourage connecting people and establishing communication but in advanced means.

Mark Zuckerberg and his team is thinking big to make living life with ease of technology. With this meta version of Facebook Metaverse company, one can create an avatar of himself and conversate.

He also concluded that by facebook change name, privacy would be his priority doing all such implications.

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