How To Fill Acrylic Nails At Home For Perfect At Home Manicure?

How To Fill Acrylic Nails

How to fill acrylic nails at home is a topic of great interest as all of us cannot afford to go to the salon in many cases.

But, we can’t live with the trouble of outgrown acrylics. Grown-out acrylics can be troublesome for a person who is conscious about her manicures especially. At this stage, you become irritated with them for their untidy look which you cannot afford right?

Also, we know that if we’ll go to the saloon for getting the matter solved it will be so costly for us in the terms of money and time too.

But, wait! There’s nothing to worry about if you have finally reached this article where you will be available with more than one method how to fill acrylic nails at home

Learn how to fill acrylic nails at home

How to Fill Acrylic Nails At Home?

Learning how to fill acrylic nails at home can be so easy but tricky. When you want to refill the gaps in acrylic the best method is to do with using acrylic powder and liquid. But, if you don’t have acrylic powder and liquid available with you, you can do it using other procedures like using poly gel and dip powder.

Where using poly gel is the more durable method than using dip powder. Dip powder is having less weight which may confront peeling issues. Learn all 3 methods to do it in the comfort of your home.

1. How to Use Acrylic Powder And Liquid Refill Acrylic Nails at Home?

Acrylics usually last for 3 to 4 weeks when you care for them properly. But, if your nails grow rapidly it can be a problem. Your acrylic will confront the issue where there some gaps will occur in between your acrylics and cuticles.

These gaps will make you feel like you have destroyed your manicure. But, you can fill in these gaps and go for great manicure life.


  1. Use nail filer or nail polish remover with no acetone to remove the nail polish from nails.
  2. Use a 100-grit filer or E-file to reduce the length of your nail and shape them as you like.
  3. Look at white flaky and peeling spots of your acrylic nails and file down them with care.
  4. Now take a cuticle pusher and push your cuticles back with care in even alignment.
  5. Clean out your nails using rubbing alcohol.
  6. Apply a nail primer.
  7. Only apply primer to non-acrylic areas of nails.
  8. Dip your brush once in acrylic liquid and then acrylic powder to make a bead and apply it to non-acrylic areas of your nails
  9. Sculpt the applied bead out.
  10. Let the acrylic dry and then file It finely using 180 grit nail for a smoother surface.
  11. Apply the nail polish to your nails and you’re done.

2. How to  Use Poly Gel To Fill Acrylic Nails At Home?

When you’re conscious about your manicure you stay informed of new things that make sure to have properly. Learn methods for how to fill acrylic nails at home.

A poly gel is one of the new things that make your manicure satisfying either way. But, here we’re concerned with filling in acrylic nails. Ply gel can also fill in the gaps arising in the acrylics and remains durable till you take it off finally.

Also, it is easy to work and is no more a trouble for beginners to apply it. Everyone can do it by following the proper procedure to it and giving an outlook like acrylic nails themself.

Proceed to read how to fill acrylic nails at home using poly gel;


Follow steps 1 to 5 of the above method and prep your nails for the great procedure of “how to fill acrylic nails at home“. 

  1. Apply a dehydrator to your nails and then nail primer.
  2. Now squeeze the poly gel and apply it to the gaps of your nails.
  3. Now apply more poly gel gradually if needed and fill the existing gaps.
  4. Sculpt the poly gel out as per your liking and apply the nail polish onto your nails.

3. How to Use Dip Powder To Fill in Acrylic Nails at Home?

Acrylic dip powder is also a manicure thing where we use pigmented powder which is closer to that acrylic powder but here we don’t need acrylic liquid as we claim in this method to fill acrylic nails without acrylic powder.

Here, using the dip powder method we use a base that is also called bonder and is responsible to hold the dip powder in place and hardening it when applied. 

Now if you want to fill in the gaps in your acrylic nails without acrylic liquid you can use dip powder to perform the job.

But, let’s keep in mind that dip powder is lighter in weight than acrylics so it might confront unbalancing conditions and cause lifting

Learn how to fill acrylic nails at home using dip powder;


Follow the same steps as we did in the first procedure for how to fill acrylic nails at home.

  1. Apply nail dehydrator and primer coat onto your nail beds. 
  2. Apply a coat of dip base in between the gap and then apply powder to it.
  3. More powder you apply to fill in the gap would be the better choice.
  4. Now apply dip base to the whole nail and then do it applying powder to the entire nail as well.
  5. Keep on applying the dip powder coat onto your nails till you get the desired texture.
  6. Now, apply a dip-sealed coat to your nails when you are happy with the look you are getting.
  7. Apply some nail polish and top coat and you are finally done.

Also, if you don’t feel like reading at the moment you’ll might like watching a video for how to fill acrylic nails at home.


Q: Can you fill in Acrylic Nails?

A: Yes! You can fill in your acrylic nails and we recommend doing it every 3 weeks for a beautiful and healthy manicure.

Q: Can You Fill Acrylic Nails With Gel?

A: Yes, it is quite possible to fill acrylics using gel but file the acrylics to make them thin and then apply the gel over acrylic nails to make them look great and fill in. 

Q: How Can I Hide My Grown-Out Acrylic Nails?

A: If you have grown out acrylic nails and you can’t go for the fill-in procedure you can use glittery polish to camouflage the area where the filling is needed and you will finally succeed to hide you are outgrown acrylic nails 

Q: How to fill acrylic nails at home?

A: There’s nothing to be worried about if you have outgrown acrylics and you need to get filling in the gaps. You can do it in the comfort of your easily when being available with the necessary tools for doing it.

We have shared 3 methods for how to fill acrylic nails at home to make you feel confident while doing these procedures.


Outgrown acrylics can be a problem to the one who wears them that they develop a gap between cuticles and acrylic nails which look so untidy. Getting the matter cured and having a tidy and great manicure look again could be so costly at the saloon.

So, for your convenience, we have shared satisfactory answers with procedures to how to fill acrylic nails at home.

We have collected the procedures for how to fill acrylic nails at home pick one method which you are satisfied it and save the cost of time and money which the saloons can cost you.

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