Best Tips for How To Dip Nails For Salon Like Look?

How To Do Dip Nails

How to dip nails for a salon-like look are easy to be achieved while at home. But, one should do it carefully.

Dip powder may be utilized at home without the need for drills or lighting. The conventional look of professionally applied acrylics may be replicated at home using glazes, Seal Protect, and Top Coat, but without the added weight or danger of damaging your nail beds. Dip powder may be used on both natural and artificial nails. If you know what are dip nails this is time to know How to do dip nails. Let’s get started with the procedure;

Prep Your Nails First! (How to do dip nails)

Before beginning the procedure for how to do dip nails, make sure both your and the customer’s hands are well-washed and sanitized. Always start with clean, dry hands, even when completing a Dip Powder manicure at home.

With being Prepare your nails ahead of time for dipping if that’s something you want to do. Push back the cuticles and remove the brittle, dead tissue from the nail bed.

The natural nail may then be sculpted with a hand nail file once the gloss has been removed. At this point, you should focus on the cuticle and the edge of your nails. Let’s get started with How to do dip nails procedures.

1. Apply Adhesive To The Entire Nail

Once you’ve cleaned and filed your nails, you’re ready for the first step in your brand-new Dip Kit. To use Bond, just coat the whole nail. Using Bond is essential because it will remove any excess oils from the nail that might lead to lifting.

2. Apply Base & Dip Into Clear Powder

Coat three-quarters of the nail with Base. Always use a light hand while applying the Base to produce a beautiful, even coat.

Nails should be dusted with the natural dip powder included in your Dip Kit. There would be no way to increase the nail’s tensile strength without the use of the natural powder.

Keep the nail at a 45-degree angle as you dip it into the powder, then use our Dip Powder Dust Brush to get rid of any excess. Apply them in even, thin coats for a professionally finished look, removing excess powder between dippings with a fluffy brush.

3. Apply Base & Dip Again

Choose the colour of Dip Powder you’d want to use next. Apply Base to the nail once again, stopping a hair’s width short of the cuticle. Because the Base dries quickly, it is suggested that you have your dip powder on available.

Hold the nail at a 45-degree angle once again and dip it into the powdered colour. You might try shaking the powder so that it falls onto the nail rather than pushing the nail further into the powder. Continue dusting with your delicate brush.

4. Apply Base And Dip It Up

You should pick up your Base this time and apply it to the whole nail before redipping it into your color. With each peel, the cuticle is revealed. This is done because thick cuticles might cause your manicure to peel off. 

(How to do dip nails)

Tip: For a smooth, faultless application every time, be sure to always brush parallel to the nail to avoid the brushes from poking or indenting the powder.

5. Apply Clear Dip Powder

In 5th step of How to do dip nails now you have to go with applying clear powder. You may now go on to the next layer, which should be a clear one. Your beautiful colour pigments in your dip will be protected from filing damage by the transparent powder.

You may use any Dip Powder Recycling System. Thanks to the recycling method, your clear powder will never mix with any other hues.

When you’re finished painting the whole nail with Base, sprinkle some clear powder on top and let the excess fall into your Recycling System. You may reuse the scoop and the remaining powder on your next manicure.

6. Apply Seal Protect

To finish off the process, use the Seal Protect bottle from the Dip Powder Starter Kit after applying the clear powder. Using Seal Protect, your powders will become effective.

Without Seal Protect, the nail will never dry fully. You’ll know the initial application of Seal Protect is dry when you tap on it. If tapping the nail produces a little click, it is dry and you may go on to the next step.

7.  File, Shape, And Buff

Perform some nail filing, buffing, and shaping. There is no need to worry if you lack access to a professional nail drill.

You may use a buffer block and a hand file with medium grit for this phase. Once you are satisfied with the shape of your nails, you are finished. Apply some rubbing alcohol on your files to eliminate the extra dust. It’s an important step in How to do dip nails.

8. Apply Seal Protect

Get out your Seal Protect and give the nail a second layer of protection. While doing so, it is essential to wipe away any excess Seal Protect and massage the remaining product into the nail.

There are two primary motivators for human actions: This additional coat of Seal Protect before applying Top Coat may increase shine, but using both Seal Protect and Dip Top Coat at once may harden and render your Top Coat brush ineffective.

With this step process for How to do dip nails comes near to end stages.

9. Apply Top Coat

The ninth step in How to do dip nails is to apply your top coat well. Your Dip Top Coat should be applied in quick, even strokes, and then allowed to dry completely.

The recommended drying time for the second layer of the Top Coat is two minutes. Top Coat brushes should be cleaned with a lint-free wipe before being stored in their respective containers to avoid glaze contamination.

(This procedure of How to do dip nails comes to an end with this second last step)

10. Apply Cuticle Oil

Rub the nourishing oil from the package into your cuticles.

Hurrah! Dip Powder manicures are quick and simple to do, with just 10 simple steps you have successfully completed the whole process.

If you practice, they can be applied in under 15 minutes, which is a bargain for such a high-quality, salon-style manicure.

How to do dip nails Video Tutorial

The above mentioned method is great but if you want to watch a video to learn it properly, here it goes;


How to do dip nails is an argument that you can talk about for hours. Long story short is that you should be well aware of costs at saloons and if you can’t afford them you may know to do the right procedure for doing at home. Good care and precautionary measures should be taken by your side while doing the steps to make sure that what you’re doing is right!

What I prefer is to know every thing about How to do dip nails or observe a professional nail tech so you could create the alike look for you which stays for long durations.

The mentioned ways of How to dip nails are worth reading and is a worth as well to know how to keep them healthy.

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