How To Make Fake Nails Last Longer?

Fake Nails Last Longer

Those who use false nails are well aware of the difficulty of keeping them in place for long periods.

It isn’t easy to keep them looking new for an extended period without chipping or peeling. Because I’ve been a nail geek for a long time, I’m looking for reliable information on how long fake nails stay and how to make fake nails last longer.

Various elements impact the life lifetime of false nails, as listed below. Additionally, several preventative steps, when followed, will help your artificial nails survive for a longer period.

Let’s learn about How long fake nails last & How to make counterfeit nails last longer.

How Long Do Fake Nails Last?

The answer to how long fake nails last varies from person to person. Also, many factors influence the lifetime of your fake nails, including how carefully you apply them and how much glue you use.

One answer to how to make fake nails last longer is that the high-quality glue on nails lasts for about two to three weeks if appropriate care is given. Also, it differs from person to person how well someone’s nail bed holds fake nails.

However, if you want to wear them for a few days for any specific event, you may apply less adhesive and wear them less often.

Check below that how to apply fake nails last longer.

How To Apply Fake Nails To Make Them Last Longer?

How to make fake nails last longer is directly related to how well you apply them. All amazing tips are shared below;

1. Ensure Cleanliness Of Your Hands

Make sure you have clean hands and no sticky residue on your nails. It’s better to wash your hands to ensure no oil is there and dry your cuticles enough. It would be best to have an oil and sheen-free nail bed, making fake nails stick well.

2. Push Your Cuticles Back

A wooden cuticle pusher is the best way to push back your nails. Afterward, please don’t apply any lotions or oils to your hands or cuticle as we need a dry surface. A rough nail bed helps fake nails stick on with ease and last longer.

3. File and Shape Your Natural Nails

Your natural nails grow under the press-on nails, so keep them short enough to don’t get oversized to your fake nails if you wear them for a long duration. Buff your nails a little to make them roughen, and accept fake nails for a long time.

4. Get a Suitable Size Of Fake Nails

Every fake nail is labeled as to its size from 0 t 9. It’s crucial to pick the pin which fits your nail well. 

Most press-on come in different sizes and shapes, so choose the required and suitable size. 

5. Put Glue On Your Nail Bed

Use more glue if you want to make your fake nail last longer.

Put some glue on the nail bed and some on fake nails likewise. Now press for a bit of time to make them stick well. The procedure for how to make fake nails last longer has been completed, so wash your hands well to ensure there’s no residue left. Now, you can apply hand cream if you want.

How To Make Fake Nails Last Longer: Tips

Mostly asked questions from manicure geeks, “How to make fake nails last longer?” depends upon how well you care while putting them on. Learn about how to make failed nails last longer and tips that aid the lifespan :

  • First and foremost, always wash your hands and nails thoroughly before applying fake nails.
  •  After using the fake nails, dip a cotton pad in rubbing alcohol and rub it on the nail bed to ensure that any remaining oils are removed.
  •  Apply the appropriate size of the fake nail that best fits your natural nail.
  • Roughen your nail bed well to make your phony nail stick ideally.
  • If you want to keep your phony nail for longer durations, put more glue.
  • Check daily if your artificial nail is lifting; if it is, cure it wisely.

If you are interested to watch vid for how to make fake nails last longer, watching the video is recommended.


Q: What Nails Last The Longest?

A: When compared to traditional acrylic nails, dip nails may last for up to four weeks before needing to be reapplied at the salon. Dip nails are also more resilient than gel nails in wear and tear.

Q: How Long Do Polygel Nails Last?

A: The life of a Polygel manicure may be extended to up to three weeks if cared for and applied properly. Read the above article for how to make fake nails last longer for an added lifespan of your poly gel manicure.

Q: Does Gel or Acrylic Last Longer?

A: If you take good care of your acrylic nails, they may last longer than a week. Gel nails may last up to 14 days without chipping. Think about the longevity of your long nails or extensions.

Q: What Is The Healthiest Nail Option?

A: Gel nails are more flexible than acrylic nails in brittleness, peeling, and breaking of the nails. It reduces the risk of your nails breaking. Soak-off gel nails, rather than those which need to be filed off, are the best option. Also, by reading how to make fake nails last longer you can exceed the limit of time your fake nails last for the added duration.


Where we have learned enough about how to make fake nails last longer, we have also learned about how long they last on average. Also, we have mentioned that the duration of their life span differs from nail to nail. 

Still, the tips for how to make fake nails last longer are worth to be taken care of whenever you apply fake nails to your nail bed. All the preventive measures are essential for the added life span of your artificial nails.

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