Literacy rate in Provinces of Pakistan

Literacy rate in Provinces of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country of 216.6 million humans, which will grow more rapidly in the coming decades. An increasing population with educated minds is a power itself that can lead our country to the most significant success on the world progress map. There are 56% females and 44% males residing in our country.

The literacy rate in the provinces of Pakistan is minimal in the case of both males and females. But, as per recent research, men are getting more education than females.

The illiteracy is weakening the roots of Pakistan, so the evil powers could quickly vanish the pillars of our nation.
The condition and literacy rate in Pakistan are so critical around the country.

Still, the good news is that steps are taken to improve this ratio to strengthen our basis around the various regions in the country.

What Is The Literacy Rate In Provinces Of Pakistan?

The literacy rate in provinces of Pakistan covering the four provinces and significant regions around the country is just below to make the rises and falls easier to understand during this journey of moving in the right direction.


Province Punjab is the most significant region of Pakistan in terms of development and population. Punjab alone stands with 56% of the total population of country Pakistan and unfortunately holds 3.8 million illiterates who neither can read nor can write.

From 1972 to 1998, the literacy ratio in the province of Punjab grew from 20% to 40%, which was a significant success for literacy in that particular region.

After this rise, the recorded researches show that in 2012 grew the literacy rate to 71% and then dropped in the next few years to 62 and 61%, consequently which is so heartbreaking.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The literacy development in the early years in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was as low as 15% in 1972. The educational rise in the area of Punjab during that era significantly impacted the ratio in this region, and the percentage grew to 35%, which was significant compared to that of 15%.

As per the recorded research in 2014, the literacy rate in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was around 60% of the population in this particular province. Then, unfortunately, the security threats took place, and parents felt reluctant to send their kids out for getting an education.

But,  after the black day of an incident of murdering kids at APS Peshawar.
The ratio of literacy fell to 50% as per recent research.


Sindh is another central province in means of population. Over 25% of millions of humans, including men and women, reside in that geographical piece of land called Sindh. The literacy rate in this region is below 50%.

Also,  most of the area is rural and supports child labor which is the biggest hurdle in getting children educated.

In the region Sindh the literacy rate keeps on fluctuating from 30%, 45%,69%, and 60% from 1972 to 2014.
The literacy development in the early years was so low, and even now, it hasn’t confirmed any expansion in this regard.

More children gave up getting an education during the recent era.


Balochistan is that geographical region of Pakistan where more is the dessert and plateau land. There is less population as opposed to the other provinces like Punjab and Sindh. People of Sindh prefer leaving their region to spend an easy life and move to Sindh and Punjab.

Furthermore, in the particular province of Balochistan, the literacy rate in Pakistan has never seen a rise and hasn’t had exceeded 50% in any time duration of rises and falls. Only 28% of the population of this particular region is literate, including males and females.


As we’re talking about the significant regions around the land of Pakistan we can not ignore Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan regions.

Azad Kashmir has success over the rule of education as 78% of the total population in AJK is illiterate.

Also, Gilgit Baltistan is no more behind and is consequently running to rise in the graph education. It is now up to 65% of the literacy rate in Pakistan, which is going to grow in the coming decades.

Final Verdict For Literacy Rate In Provinces Of Pakistan

While writing the above research, we are authentic to provide the fundamental facts to the readers for making their time worthy.

So, This blog is a comprehensive and valuable collection of literacy facts about the different geographical regions of Pakistan.

As it’s so heartbreaking that Pakistan is not that good in literacy ratio. But few developments and plans are in the process to improve it in the coming days.

In conclusion, Wish Pakistan a bright and educated future and stay connected, reading us again and again.

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