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Live streaming apps

If you want to know about the latest best live-streaming apps, you are at the right place. Today, in the latest life, I’m going to show you five new live-streaming apps for Android.

All of these live-streaming apps are free, and you can Livestream your game with these apps.

Also, these apps have excellent and robust tools to live stream your game on platforms like Facebook and youtube.

Let’s Begin With The List We Got Today About The Latest Live Streaming Apps

Following is the list of the best available live streaming apps. These live streaming apps help streamers to run their stuff online with the comfort of their device.

8- StreamYard

StreamYard is not technically an app, and it is a browser-based service. That means it works on all devices iPads, tablets, Android, and even your computer.

Also, the cool thing about StreamYard is it doesn’t have any updates. You don’t have to worry about anything not working. You need to open up the browser and connect your YouTube channel or your Facebook account

, Twitch account, or whatever you use in the live stream, and it simply works.

Moreover, chats from all of those platforms are going to go into the admin and StreamYard. So, you don’t have to read chats in different places, and they’re all in one place. You can also bring people onto your live stream.

You can bring your friends on, and you can interview people.

So if you’re looking to do interviews or hang out with your community, this will be the best option for that.

And if you want to check out StreamYard.

7- Prism Live Studio

Like StreamYard Prism, Live studio is also available for both Android and iOS users while being accessible.

It is an actual app that you download on your device. Prism Live Studio also allows multi-streaming.

So, if you want to stream to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch at the exact time, you can do that with Prism Live Studio, and it doesn’t cost anything to do that.

They also have some cool filters that remind you, like those of Instagram and Snapchat, where you can change the look of your stream and add filters on top of it. Also, you are allowed to add stickers.

Prism also has a screen-sharing feature. So if you’re a gamer and trying to broadcast your game, you can do that with Prism Live Studio, and it’s straightforward to do.

It’s a creative app,

6- Streamlabs Mobile App

By name, it probably sounds familiar because you have a desktop version of this, but this is just stripped down for your mobile device.

Also, Streamlabs allows multi-streaming just like StreamYard does and Prism Live Studio.

While many people use this app for talking-head-style live streams, it is popular with gamers.

So if you find that you don’t like Prism Live Studio, look at the Streamlabs mobile app because they allow you to put your alerts on the screen.

Of course, you can show your chat and can put some basic overlays on it.

It’s not the full-blown version like you would get on your desktop, but it is stripped down while being pretty good.

That being said, they do want you to pay to upgrade to use some of these features.

5- Nemo TV

Nemo tv is a streamer demo tool that has officially been broadcast for free to everyone. A single click can start your game live on the Nemo tv platform.

You can be a streamer with this app. Automatically record your game on your phone in real-time broadcast to the audience on Nemo tv.

Enjoy sharing the gaming experience with Nemo tv. Anyone can

be a streamer. It takes a single click to create your challenge, share your unique gaming tips, and find other game lovers with Nemo tv streamers.

4- Next Play Mobile Live Streaming

Next play mobile live-streaming app is number one cross other such platforms. This mobile streaming app for gamers in Asia experiences the ultimate social gaming experience all in

your mobile. Easily live stream any mobile game that installs it on your

phone with just one tap. Also, you can stream on your pc and share it on multiple platforms anytime, anywhere.

Additionally, you can live stream your pre-recorded gameplay

on next play mobile live-streaming app.

3- Movie Stream Screen Recorder

This movie stream screen recorder is a new app on Android. It is a live streaming app that is also available on

ios apple devices.

Share epic gaming movement with another player by streaming popular mobile games straight from your phone to movie stream. You can also

stream your gameplay on Facebook, Youtube, or twitch.

You can team up with new friends and use a dedicated tool to improve your gameplay.

All mobile games are supported on this app, and this app has beautiful features like stream delay stream quality, and you can also use over less

and more.

2- Rahu Studio

Rahu studio live streams games from your mobile

Rahu is a live streaming platform for the gaming community in India. With Rahu studio, you can live stream games anytime, anywhere, with just your device, USB, or device camera.

Chat with your viewers when they are watching your epic gaming

moments. Start by testing your gaming content on your Indian own streaming and gaming platform.

You can also stream on another platform like Facebook and Youtube twitch with streaming code. It is perfect and has many

features, and this real studio live stream game is awe-inspiring for life who want to stream.

1- Turning Live Stream

You create a professional-quality live stream from your best gaming moment right from your phone with turning live stream.

There is no need for Elgato or pc or laptop to broadcast your favorite mobile game like ammo, pubg mobile, call of duty, free fair to youtube and Facebook all the same time free.

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