3 Best Commercial Nail Art Printers

Commercial Nail Art Printers

Nail art printers are an innovative way to get your client an amazing digital nail art treatment. If you offer this service to your clients at your saloon you will be earning more customers. So to make this wish come true buy a nail art printer today and experience more traffic at your saloon from now.

What Are Nail Art Printers?

Nail art printers are machines that are capable of printing any images or designs onto your nails directly. These nail art printers are managed by the app on your android phone. These nail art printers are actually another version of inkjet printers to treat your nails with complex nail art designs digitally.

How To Use Nail Printers?

The nail printers are pretty easy to use, once correctly set up:

  1. Apply a single coat of no pigment or white gel polish of your choice.
  2. Now, apply the nail mask or latex tap onto your cuticle to keep your skin safe from the hazards of the nail printer.
  3. Then apply the coat of special print gel onto your nail bed.
  4. Open the app on your android phone and upload images that you want to get printed on your nails. 
  5. Now insert the fingers on the machine as per machine compatibility where you have to get your nails printed at once or one by one.
  6. Now, adjust the images to the machine as per your desire to start the procedure, and when you’re done press the print button.
  7. Peel off the latex tap and cure them for one minute approx…


You can make the procedure last longer by applying a top coat to it.

Where To Buy Ink For A Nail Art Printer?

When purchasing nail art printers for yourself or your salon, it is critical to understand how you will refill them. Because this is the problem you will face if you run out of ink for your digital nail art printer. In this case, the answer might be to place an online order for it to be purchased for you, or to personally visit the nail art store, which is a less expensive alternative and the best way to configure the quality product.

1. O2 Nail Art Printers

O'2nails Digital Mobile Nail Art Printer
O’2nails Digital Mobile Nail Art Printer

The O2 nail art printer is one of the best-recommended products in this category. It is the best quality nail printer which is super compatible to be used at salons. Using an O2 nail art printer you can print 2400 dots per inch which is the required standard in this concern. It is just like the resolution of 1080 on the TV screen. Also, the company has earned the trust of several years of its customers and thus a famous one. O2 Nails Inc has several years of expertise in this field.

Why We Like It

  • Best recommended product.
  • Standard quality printing resolution. 
  • The best option for commercial use.
  • Trusted product.
  • Expertise in nail printing.

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2. Tuoshi Nail Printer Machine

TUOSHI NP10 3d Intelligent Nail Printer Machine
TUOSHI NP10 3d Intelligent Nail Printer Machine

We have recently discussed the O2 nail art printer, now to define this Tuoshi printer more specifically we can say that it is a similar choice to that of the O2 product. It is best to be used at a nail salon because of its professional quality. Whereas, O2 was the best option for both personal and saloon causes.

The Tuoshi nail printer is bigger in size and comes with a touch screen interface of 7 inches in length.

Why We Like It

  • Similar to an O2 nail art printer.
  • Best professional choice.
  • Bigger in size.
  • Comes with a touch screen interface.

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3. Kunhewuhua Nail Printer

KUNHEWUHUA Digital Nail Art Printer
KUNHEWUHUA Digital Nail Art Printer

When we talk about Kunhewuhua we are actually talking about an industrial choice of quality nail art printing machine. Using this nail art printer you don’t have to wait to get your nails printed one by one but you can get all five printed at a time.

You can also speed up the procedure to get your nail art procedure finished fast using this great nail art printer.

Why We Like It

  • A quality choice for industrial use.
  • All fingers printing at a time.
  • Speeding up of printing procedure.
  • Worthy to be bought.

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Q: How Do You Print Pictures On Your Nails?

A: The process of printing your nail art digitally does not involve rocket science and is quite easy. Simply apply a coat of polish to make it a background and put your finger at the printing slot of the nail art printers. Now choose the design from your phone and upload that to the android app for nail printing now press the print button and get it printed instantly and cure for a single minute

Q: How Do Nail Printers Work?

A: Different nail art printers work differently. Some choice of these printers print your nails one by one and some make your all five nails one hand-printed at a time, Also, some of them offer to speed up the procedure by adjusting options.

Q: Can You Use Paper Nail Art?

A: You can use the paper transfer nail art technique to get your nails printed. With the help of some rubbing alcohol and a little patience, you can get your nails painted with the help of printed art paper.


Get your nails painted in the comfort of your home or at your nail salon with the help of nail art printers. Digital nail art printers can be an attraction for your clients toward your saloon. Also, if you want t get your nails printed at home you can buy a nail art printer for yourself. These products are a bit expensive but could be a great source of making money in the industry means because they are worth it.

It is essential to choose the option that is worthy. To not make your money get wasted above choices are so manageable. Read the article and make your purchase worth it.

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