What Are Nail Bonders? How Do They Work

Best Nail Bonders
We can say nail bonders are somehow a nail primer. These bonders are of primary importance and one of the things which are applied...

Best Recommended Slip Solution Choices

Slip Solution
Polygel is quite a thick and sticky solution, making it difficult to move around and apply to your nail beds.  Slip Solution is a chemical...

No Wipe Gel Top Coats for Extra Sheen Manicure Look

No Wipe Gel Top Coats
When you use a no wipe gel top coat, you can instantly create your manicure with a perfect glossy look. You won't have to...

4 Best Nail Stamping Plates & Nail Art Kits

nail stamping plates
Best nail stamping plates should have a variety of patterns on them to accommodate different nail types. E.g. Christmas and Halloween special nail stamps. Nail...

3 Best Methods For How To Get Gel Polish Off At...

3 Best Methods For How To Get Gel Polish Off At Home
Going to a salon is not only a solution to get your manicure or if you want to take off your old manicures. You...

Best Nail Polish Shaker And Mixers

Nail Polish Shaker
At a saloon, it is of critical importance to keep your clients satisfied with services. So, To make your customers happy with your collection...

3 Best Commercial Nail Art Printers

Nail Art Printers
Nail art printers are an innovative way to get your client an amazing digital nail art treatment. If you offer this service to your...

Base Coat and Top Coat Polishes Differences

base coat and top coat
When used together, the base coat and top coat of nail paint give resilience and help your nail polish to last longer. When you...

3 Best PipeLess Pedicure Chairs

PipeLess Pedicure Chairs
If you want to get clients attracted to your saloon, having a pipeless pedicure chair can do it. A pipeless pedicure chair is good...

How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last?- An Ultimate Write-up

How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last
If you care about anything you search for it to get that better care. Also, if you are a manicures geek you would be...