DIY Nail Glue Ideas That Work

DIY Nail Glue

Strong nail glue is the critically destructive part of getting a manicure with false nails.

If you go with the procedure while having the best DIY nail glue, you will have a durable and long-lasting manicure with fake nails.

Usually, you get strong nail glue packaged inside them with a set of fake nails. But still, in most cases, you are required to accomplish the procedure with the external glue.

Some people who are not aware of the hazards of hard glue go for hard glue to apply fake nails. But Hard glue is so damaging to the health of your natural nails and cuticles it damages them. Also, it discourages healthy nail growth. So what would be a better substitute to nail glue? 

Learn how to make nail glue in the below writeup;

Substitutes To Market Bought Nail Glue

Not everyone has so much money to buy everything from the market to do everything. There’s always some ratio of the audience who always search for home remedies to make things done in the comfort of their home. So, we come up with the choice to do their stuff at less expense for in-house ingredients.

We have mentioned two methods of DIY nail glue below, which are going to help you very much. Learn the recipes and stand out if you have to go for some emergency manicure sessions at your home. Learn how to make nail glue from below;


To make DIY nail glue at home, all the procedure of prepping the nail is the same. No step should be skipped to get a long-lasting good manicure.

1. Use Clear Polish And PVA Glue As Home-made Best Nail Glue

The most used and authentic procedure and alternative to strong nail glue are where we use a mixture of PVA glue and clear polish to make your false nails adhere better onto your nail beds. Here, the glue makes the adhesion last longer, and clear polish works on its consistency and durability to make it work at its best to be a DIY nail glue. Let’s learn how to make this nail glue.


  • Small container
  • glue (white or clear)
  • Clear nail polish


  1. Pick a small container and ensure it is well cleaned
  2. Take some glue into the container
  3. Add the same proportion of clear polish as glue in the container.
  4. Cut the edge of the Q-tip.
  5. Mix the clear polish and glue with the end of it.
  6. Hold your false nail onto the nail bed against the prepared glue. 
  7. Leave the pressure after a minute and let it rest and harden for 10 minutes.

2. Use Acrylic Mixture As Your Nail Glue

If you are not available with the best nail glue and clear polish to try out the above procedure, you still have another option to apply your fake nails. You need to arrange acrylic liquid and powder along with a polish brush which you would have already available. Below is the proper procedure to go with DIY nail glue. Try this out and make your manicure day.


  • Acrylic liquid
  • Acrylic powder
  • Polish brush


  1. Prep your nails well as you do before getting started with the manicure procedure.
  2. Arrange the ingredients mentioned above after doing all the necessary things and becoming ready to put your false nails onto your bed.
  3. Soak your polish brush into the acrylic liquids for a few seconds.
  4. Take the brush out of the acrylic liquid and dip it into the acrylic powder.
  5. Make it a semi-solid bead following the procedure to make your false nail adhere better.
  6. Apply the acrylic mixture bead onto the nail surface, put a false nail covering it, and hold it for a few seconds.


Q: Do DIY Nail Glue Works Better Than Real Nail Glue?

A: Not always the DIY nail glue works better than nail glue specifically made to make your nails adhere better. There’s a difference that can be felt between the uses of both types of glue for getting your fake also stuck to the nail bed.

Q: Can We Use Hard Glue On Nails?

A: Hard glue is so hazardous to your nails. It badly affects the nail growth and damages it due to bad chemicals included in it. Don’t ever use or let it contact your natural nails or skin in any way.

Q: How Long Does The DIY Nail Glue Last?

A: DIY nail glue, when properly applied to nails after prepping them well, can make your false nails adhere better for a longer duration. The second most critical thing concerned how you keep your manicure maintained and how you care for it. So the best care will lead to a longer duration.


With the procedure of applying substitute or DIY nail glue onto your nails to make your false nails adhere better, you get a great manicure for a longer lifetime.

The procedures mentioned above for making DIY nail glue stand out without buying an expensive nail glue from the market and still get the best manicure with long-lasting surety.

But still, the best is to buy the best nail glue from the market as not always these remedies will work. You’ll find these products cost, so the above-mentioned DIY procedures will work only if you can’t afford to buy expensive glues for yourself or in an emergency.

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