3 Best PipeLess Pedicure Chairs

PipeLess Pedicure Chairs

If you want to get clients attracted to your saloon, having a pipeless pedicure chair can do it. A pipeless pedicure chair is good enough in means of hygiene and comfort.

As far as saloons are concerned proper satisfaction of clients is required to be in the market and make you one of the significant service providers in your area. So, if you got a nail salon you should have all the necessary supplies to run your nail salon at its best. 

That old piped version of chairs is now become an irritating thing to your customers due to their continuous clogging issues and unhygienic situations. Learn what are pipeless pedicure chairs and how they work;

What Are Pipeless Pedicure Chairs?

The pipeless pedicure chairs are where there’s no influence of water during the whole procedure of a great pedicure. Here you get a super comfortable pedicure chair with no pipes to create whirlpools in water to satisfy clients. But some fans or propellers are used here to perform the procedure with complete satisfaction of your client. 

These pipeless pedicure chairs are Hygenic impact and make your client feel comfortable to visit for coming sessions.

How Does A Pipeless Pedicure Chair Work?

Pipeless pedicure chairs are basically designed with underwater fans which lie on the bowl and create a massaging gush like water for the client’s feet and make her relaxed.

The piped chairs become contaminated and are non-hygienic, these pipeless pedicure chairs are better in this regard and there’s no need to fill up the bowl with unnecessary bowls.

These pipeless pedicure chairs are going to make salon owners more clients with satisfaction and positive reviews. Get your favorite pipeless pedicure chair today and see how it affects your revenue generation.

1. HappyBuy Pipeless Pedicure Chair

Happybuy Hydraulic Lift Adjustable Spa Pedicure
Happybuy Hydraulic Lift Adjustable Spa Pedicure

This happy buy pipeless pedicure chair is made up of high-quality PVC leather material. The chair is finely designed with a high-density cushion which makes it durable and comfortable enough.

Also, with this version of a pipeless pedicure, you get an electric foot bath feature which with or without water makes your pedicure session highly satisfying.

It makes you feel relieved of foot aches and tiredness and the middle ball works to cure sore muscles to make your session relieving.

Why We Like It

  • High-quality PVC leather material formulation.
  • Footbath gadget to relieve aches.
  • Height adjustment and customization
  • Manageable enough for pedicure and massage sessions.

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Dayton Pedicure Stool
Dayton Pedicure Stool

The Dayton Pedicure pipeless chair/ Stool is sleek in design and looks elegant. Also, it is a sophisticated stool to use for your nail salon.

It is lavishly upholstered with soft acetone-resistant vinyl and a padded memory foam back and seat cushion which provides superior comfort and durability. Moreover, It comes with a polished chrome base and 5 easy roll-about castors for mobility.

Why We Like It

  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Acetone resistant cushion
  • Sleek design 
  • Perfect fit for modern nail saloon
  • 5 wheels encourage easy mobility

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3. MonaLisa Pipeless Pedicure Chair
Buy-Rite Mona Lisa Plumb Free Pedicure Chair for Salons
Buy-Rite Mona Lisa Plumb Free Pedicure Chair for Salons

This version of the pipeless pedicure chair by Monalisa is super comfortable and practical for saloon usage and could be used for your home pedicure. If you have a little space this pedicure chair can be adjusted easily.

 These hygienic versions of pipeless pedicure chairs are more famous these days and salon owners if decide to buy a pedicure chair they will go for pipeless pedicure chairs for making their purchase worth it.

The reclining backrest feature makes it super beneficial and reliable for the best satisfactory session of a pedicure.

Why We Like It

  • DIY installation.
  • Concealing foot bath mechanism
  • Lockable lest rest gadget
  • Reclining backrest

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Also, you may look for random choices for pipeless pedicure chairs in this video;


Q: What is a Pedicure Chair?

A: An essential pedicure chair should be super comfortable for clients with a submerged basin which helps make your feet damped with the assistance of towels to get rid of dead skin easily. When the dead skin becomes removed the fresh skin makes your feet look attractive and good.

Q: How do Pedicure Chairs Get Water?

A: Those traditional piped pedicure chairs used to come with a pump and some pipes which were responsible for creating jets for a good manicure session. Where the bowl exists it keeps on rotating and makes you feel it like a jet. But, those chairs were more confronted by contamination and bacteria collection.

Q: How long do Pedicure Chairs Last?

A: As per my research and experience a chair that is not to be bad and not too good can live an average life of three to four years. Those which are high quality can go for 6 years easily.

Q: Can I use a Pedicure Chair without Plumbing?

A: The Continuum Simplicity LE Pedicure Spa Chair is no plumbing and does not require plumbing fixture installation. All one has to do is plug it in and let your first client relax in its luxurious seat.

Q: How Heavy is a Pedicure Chair?

A: A pedicure chair on average weighs about 350lbs or 130 while collected in KGs


If you have decided to buy a pipeless pedicure chair for your saloon I will appreciate this. Instead of those piped saloon pedicure chairs, a hygienic choice is ideal. You get the piped chairs clogged and contaminated due to the supply of unnecessary pipes and so irritating for clients due to non-hygienic and dirty looks of those versions.

Here, using these pipeless chairs where the fans and propellers create the gush-like water are ache relievers and make your client satisfied with hygiene and comfort.

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