4 Amazing Portable Manicure Tables that Guarantee Comfort

4 Best Portable Nail Manicure Tables

Great nail technicians work on great nail desks. If you’re setting up a saloon and have a lack of space go for portable manicure tables.

Finding quality versions from great brands is recommended to give you a great room of convenience and availability of storage.

A portable manicure table with vent and dust collector can be better than other versions to not promote coughing that might your client is an asthma patient make your workspace clean and healthy for you and your clients. You can find a great portable manicure table for you that you want.

I have enlisted the best choices for the manicure desk;

1. Suncoo Portable & Vented Nail Table

SUNCOO Portable Folding Station Desk Spa Beauty Salon With Rolling Wheels
SUNCOO Portable Folding Station Desk Spa Beauty Salon With Rolling Wheels

Suncoo provides stylish portable manicure tables that come in a sleek design. These portable nail tables are durable enough and are comfortable for great manicures. The nail technician and the client both stay comfortable during their sessions due to the portable arrangement of these great portable nail desks.

Also, it comes with steel legs and a durable fiberboard to make it convenient to do your work.

Dimensions Of The Suncoo

  1. 35.4 inches in length
  2. 15.7 inches in width and depth
  3. 29.7 inches in height.

Why We Like It

  1. Manicure table with vent
  2. Portable nail desk
  3. Manicure table with dust collector
  4. Makes the manicure desk dust-free
  5. It is a foldable nail desk
  6. Comes assembled
  7. Easy to fix and carry with you also
  8. Constructed of high-grade materials
  9. Handles a lot of weight
  10. Huge space

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2. Yaheetech Foldable Manicure Table

Yaheetech 37-inch Portable & Foldable Manicure Table Nail Desk Workstation with Large
Yaheetech 37-inch Portable & Foldable Manicure Table Nail Desk Workstation with Large

When you don’t bother with styles and require portability Yaheetech can be the best choice for you. This portable manicure table is a worthy table for professional nail salons and can be moved with ease. Professional nail technicians will love this choice due to its aesthetic appearance.

Dimensions Of The Yaheetech

  1. Inches in length
  2. 17.3 inches in width and depth
  3. 28 inches in height

Why We Like It

  1. Simple and sleek design
  2. Availability of dust collector
  3. Draw to store things.
  4. Cheaper than Suncoo
  5. Portable enough
  6. Can be moved with ease
  7. Saves space. Bigger than Suncoo

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3. Supreme Mobile Manicure Nail Table

Supreme Edition Portable and Foldable Manicure Nail Table By Skin Act
Supreme Edition Portable and Foldable Manicure Nail Table By Skin Act

You may also consider this choice if you’re looking for a superb portable manicure table and you’re operating a mobile nail salon or have a limited amount of room in your nail salon. This is a larger folding manicure table that is also more aesthetically pleasing to you.

The rubber wheels on the bottom of the unit make it easy to maneuver, and they can be locked when you need to stop it and restart the session.

Dimensions of the Supreme

  1. 43 inches in length
  2. 18 inches in width and depth
  3. 29 inches in height

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4. Icarus Collapsible & Portable Manicure Table

Icarus"Exceptional" Black Manicure Nail Table Station
Icarus”Exceptional” Black Manicure Nail Table Station

Icarus is a portable manicure table that shines out in all the aforementioned selections. This manicure workstation comes with a retractable top which you can collapse when you don’t need it. By utilizing this wonderful manicure workstation you can conserve room while compressed and may extend when you need it.

Also, as these days portable nail saloons are running everywhere it can do great in this situation. It can be wrapped to move anywhere you want.

Dimensions Of Icarus

  1. 30.5 inches in height
  2. 16 Inches depth and width
  3. 18.5 Inches in length (Differs when in place)

Why We Like It

  1. Aesthetic choice.
  2. Made of compressed wood.
  3. Elegant look.
  4. Increased space and storage.
  5. Lockable drawers.
  6. Easy to move


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5.LEIBOU Professional Portable & Foldable Manicure Table

The sturdy carrying case for the LEIBOU folding Nail Care Desk & Manicure Table makes it simple to transport and store. This table may be moved around easily because of its four Nylon casters. The LEIBOU nail table is perfect for anybody!

The nail station’s triangular shape makes it both sturdy and reliable. Because of its high density board and  metal structure, the LEIBOU portable nail technician table is both waterproof and easy to clean.

This manicure table has four lockable swivelling wheels, allowing it to be moved easily to a new location in the salon or at home. Folding aluminium legs make it easy to move and store the nail table.

Dimensions Of LEIBOU

  1. 37″ inches in height
  2. 18.5Inches depth and width
  3. 129.3 Inches in length (Differs when in place)

Why We Like It

  1. Durable and Steady
  2. Plastic Protective Firm
  3. Elegant look.
  4. 4 Lockable Wheels
  5. Portable and Foldable
  6. Easy to move

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Q: What Does it Mean to Manicure a Table?

A: A manicure table is a desk where you get your manicure procedure done comfortably. It can be of any material, the design comes with a diversity of benefits associated with it and fluctuates to different sizes when you make a purchase from different stores.

Q: How Much Does a Manicure Table Cost?

A: The price for a Manicure Table can vary depending on various factors but on average the price is between $75-$600. Get the best version of the manicure desk that you can afford and would love to have. Purchases are worth so don’t go for wrong choices and to regret them whenever you think about it

Q: What is the Importance of a Manicure Table?

A: You should have a space where you can get your procedures done with ease. Like other professionals own their workspaces a nail technician wants her space as well where all her stuff is arranged and organized. Different manicure desks come with different functions.

Q: How long is a Typical Portable Manicure Table?

A: Manicure tables can fluctuate in size when you see them at different stores and different brands. You can buy a piece of your choice and your kind of work to get your procedure done. Typically a nail desk comes in 16 to 20 inches in length other dimensions can be different in different versions.


A nail technician can know the real worth of a portable manicure table. Also, portable manicure tables are good choices to make nail technicians and their clients feel convenient and comfortable during procedures. With collapsible tops and sleek designs, some manicure desks stand out among some.

Purchase just those items that you can afford and that you would like to have in your nail salon. Additionally, metallic plastic and compressed wood-constructed portable manicure tables are available for purchase.

Get the best version of available options as per your choices and begin with a great workspace for your nail salon.

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