How To Remove Shellac Nail Polish In No Time

How To Remove Shellac Nail Polish

As usual, you’ll be conflicted after having a shellac or gel manicure, but you’ll also feel energized and have picture-perfect nails.

A week later, though, you’re back at the nail salon, this time paying a hefty sum to have your chipped, less-than-perfect polish removed. You went to the nail salon because you needed to have your nails done.

Much to our relief, there is an alternative approach. In most cases, you already have all you need to get rid of them on your own at home.

As you often come across gel and shellac certainly in the same manner. Let’s get to know the difference between and then we’ll proceed to how to remove shellac nail polish full procedure in 5 simple steps;

Difference Between Shellac and Gel Polish?

Shellac is a combination of polish and gel, whereas gel is pure gel. Both are designed to stay in place for an extended period of time and their removal might pose risks. Doing so will cause your nails to become weak and brittle, increasing their fragility.

Nonetheless, you know you can’t keep it for a lifetime. Therefore, I will provide some tried-and-true methods for removing shellac nail lacquer.  Just so there’s no confusion, you can remove gel or shellac at home using the same technique. Let’s see how;

How To Remove Shellac Nail Polish?

Let’s get to know the method for how to remove shellac nail polish;

Step # 1

  1. To get going, you’ll need your supplies first. Here’s what you’ll need: 
  2. 10 sheets of tin foil
  3. 5 cotton swabs (Cut cotton swabs in half lengthwise.)
  4. acetone-based nail polish remover
  5. and a nail file. 

Afterward, before you get started, double-check that all of your surfaces are protected. Placing a towel down first to protect floors and furniture from acetone. You need to be cautious to exercise care while spreading out a towel.

Step # 2

Since you’ll need more patience at first, start the method with the hand that isn’t normally your dominant ( Right or Left) one.

You should next use a nail file to gently smooth the gel polish’s surface. Then, dab some cotton wool soaked in acetone over the nail to get rid of any remaining gel polish.

The piece of foil may be wrapped around the nail and over the tip of the finger, securing it in place.

Step # 3

After letting the acetone soak for 25 minutes, the gel polish will split from the nail bed and be ready to be removed.

To expedite the process, you may wrap your hands in a towel while they soak. Furthermore, it will aid in maintaining toasty fingernails. Wrapping your hands in a towel can help maintain the warmth of your fingernails as well.

Step # 4

Gently scrape away any remaining nail polish from fingernails and toes using manicure sticks. But care must be used to avoid damaging the nail. If you have trouble removing it, you may need to soak it for a longer period of time.

If the shellac or gel remains stubborn, try reapplying the additional acetone, covering it with foil again, and waiting 5 to 10 minutes longer. Resist the temptation and continue the method for how to remove shellac nail polish.”

Step # 5

After the nail has been removed, it’s best to give the area a good massage and some cuticle oil to help it heal and retain moisture. You’re how to remove shellac nail polish method is all done.

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