Best Recommended Slip Solution Choices

Best Recommended Slip Solution Choices

Polygel is quite a thick and sticky solution, making it difficult to move around and apply to your nail beds. 

Slip Solution is a chemical that we use to thin down the consistency of Polygel. As a result, it can be more easily managed and hence applied more smoothly.

A slip solution is a liquid or spray used in the application of certain nail products, such as acrylic or gel. It helps to create a smooth and workable consistency, making it easier to shape, mold, or spread the product without it sticking or dragging.

Best Recommended Slip Solution Choices

So, in order to apply your Poly gel, it is required to thin out it and this is achieved by using a slip solution…

Slip solution is a neutral thinner for a poly gel that causes no harm and is not scented or bad smelled.

Many good brands use some proportion of Isopropyl Alcohol and Isobutyl Acetate to make up the solution but not all brands contain this formula. Let’s look at the best slip solutions:

How To Use Slip Solution On Polygel Nails?

A little amount of slip solution would be enough to perform the job. Nail polish lookes not always perfect on nails. To make it done the below step is a guide to get the best experience;

  • Add poly gel to the nail surface, natural or fake nail which is required to be treated. Always use hand sanitizer.
  • Now pick up the same poly gel brush and dip it into a slip solution.
  • The slip solution containing the brush will now be used to stir the poly gel and thin out the inconsistency.
  • Now, the poly gel will become mold and would be easy to be applied.
  • A damped brush easily makes it adjusts its consistency and brings it into the condition where you are easily able to perform the task.
  • The procedure has been completed.

1. OWNEST Gel Liquid Slip Solution

The OWNEST gel liquid slip solution comes with an application brush to proceed with the procedure to thin out the poly gel consistency.

The slip solution weighs 45 ml and comes in clear color with no pigment. The solution is made up of no harmful chemicals which makes you use it with confidence and outstanding.

Using this slip solution the procedure of applying poly gel becomes easy which you can do at your home by yourself.

Why We Like It

  • Best suitable for all nail types.
  • Perfect for home and salon use.
  • Dries out quickly.
  • Durable and reliable than nail extensions.
  • Do not contain damaging chemicals.

2. LOINSTIC Poly Gel Slip Solution

Polygel slip solution by LOINSTIC comes with a bottle of 4 ounces and a brush to apply it. Also, you get 20 pieces of lint-free nail cotton pads included in the package for no cost. We call it 3 in one formula of slip solution to manage poly gel consistency because it is nail and brush cleaner as well. This polygel slip solution is very good.

Moreover, this poly gel slip solution has passed the no damage standard testing which makes it highly trustable and safe. Buy today this odorless anti-sticky gel thinner for you.

Why We Like It

  • 3 in one formula poly gel slip solution
  • Big bottle
  • Anti-sticky odorless substance.
  • Compatible with all brands of poly gel.
  • Moisturizer absorption and decontamination capabilities.
  • Does not include rubbing alcohol and isopropyl alcohol.
  • Watery consistency
3. U-Shinein 200ml Nail Slip Solution

U-ShineIn is known as the nail fashion and nail art expert and is the big retailer of nail-related products to get females their desired nail look with the quality which they promise by delivering their products. The U-Shinen gel slip solution can be applied on false nails and natural nails as well. 

Also, it is capable of extending gel nail length and causing no harm to the nail bed or natural nail growth. It can be used for cleaning residue or old nail polish from nails also. Also we recommend you to use acrylic powder.

Why We Like It

4. Makartt Slip Solution for Poly Nail Gel

This 3-in-one kit poly nail gel slip solution kit contains 2 bottles of 50ML slip solution. Also, it provides with additional 600 pcs of lint-free nail cotton pads and 2 glass cups for containing the solution liquid. 

Moreover, as per our above recommendations, a gel nail brush also comes with the package.

It easily thins out the consistency of gel nails and makes them healthy and safe because of no harmful chemicals involved. Feel safe and satisfied by using our product.

Why We Like It

  • Supplies to proceed with the procedures.
  • Good quantity of slip solution
  • Good packaging.
  • No harmful chemicals are involved.
  • No bad odor.
  • You will get desired shape


Keep the slip solution where the fire or kids cannot approach and where no sunlight goes directly. Do not forget about hand sanitizer. Preferably place it in a cool place. Keep the bottle nicely sealed so it does not get evaporated.

Alternatives To Market Available Slip Solution Choices

  1. Rubbing alcohol is the main ingredient that significant brands use in their slip solution. It standing alone can be used to thin out poly gel consistency.
  2. A gel base coat could be the best choice as well as it comes in no pigment and is thin in consistency which when used with poly gel can fulfill the job of slip solution.
  3. Nail polish remover which comes with no acetone has a very similar formulation to slip solution. If you are not available with any market-bought slip solution or others which are mentioned above you can use this.


Polygel can be a good choice to be used for nail extension without damaging the natural nail. But, due to its thicker consistency, we all get irritated by using and skipping this method of nail extension.

It’s important to note that the choice of slip solution may vary depending on the specific nail application and the products being used. It’s recommended to follow the instructions provided by the product manufacturer and consult with a professional nail technician for personalized advice.

Instead of being worried about this, one should go for a good slip solutions. Recommendations of slip solutions are listed above check what best clicks you and buys for you.

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