Power Tips for How to store nail polish For Brilliant Shelf Life

how to store nail polish

How to store nail polish is a question of critical importance to ensure your polishes make you have a good lustre look.

When you are so conscious about your manicure and pedicure you have to ensure that your products are kept wisely or not?

Yes! keeping this list of methods for How to store nail polish in mind is a great way to do something amazing with your manicures. While making yourself satisfied with all the above questions you might ask yourself eHow to store nail polish.  Let us be answering the ways How to store nail polish to prolong its shelf life of two years. Below are some appropriate methods;

How to Store Nail Polish?

You might think the answer to how to store your nail polish in proper means is quite easy. But, it is very important to know how good and how bad it can be if cared for or not cared for properly. Storing of nail polish impacts on durability and performance of the nail polish solution.

You can shorten and also can prolong the suggested shelf life of your nail polishes if kept or not kept properly. You might have the best brands of nail polish and probably still can’t get what you’ve desired. Maybe you haven’t stored your products wisely.

What are the ways to store your nail polish properly?

There are more than one ways to store your nail polishes. These ways or tips are must be kept in mind if you are cautious about your manicures or pedicures. Below are the ways to make you help in this concern;

1 # Keep Your Nail Polish in the Refrigerator

Keeping your nail polishes in a cool place is recommended and if you store your nail polish in the refrigerator it is preferable. Keeping it in the fridge prolongs the life of nail polish solvent and prevents it from discolouration which it might cause when it’s gotten older in normal temperatures.

When you put polish in the fridge it makes your nail polish durable and stays for longer durations.

How to store nail polish in the Refrigerator?

We’ve mentioned the hack to prolong the life of your nail polish by keeping it in the fridge. If you are intending to it a try;

  1. Tightly close the lid of the bottle and ensure that it is closed properly.
  2. Keep it in an upright position to make it stay in shape.
  3. When you intend it to apply keep it out of fridge or about 30 minutes and then apply.
  4. Give your nail polish bottle warmth of your hands now open the lid and start aplying it.

Keeping these tips how to store nail polish in a fridge will make your nail polish applied by a good finish and shiny substance.

2 # Keep your nail polish in your bedroom

If your fridge is not having proper space to keep your nail polish there in an organized manner don’t force it. Also, if you don’t want to waste 30 minutes keeping the substance at room temperature after you remove it from the fridge just don’t keep it there.

2nd idea to keep your nail polish is to keep it in a drawer or a shelf in your bedroom. Also, you can store it in any organized cosmetics area in your room, away from direct sunlight. Sunlight destroys it by discolouring its pigment. This method Also prolongs the life of the solvent but not better the fridge. This is fundamental tip How to store nail polish.


3 # Additional method to store your nail polish

Among all of the prescribed method’s, there’s a common thing that you have to keep in consideration. One should warm the nail polish bottle within your hand to make the solvent improve consistency. Don’t only perform this when applying nail polish but do it every week.

Dos and Don’ts of How to Store Nail Polish:


  1. Always keep your nail polish bottle in a preferably cool and darker place.
  2. Store your nail polishes away from sunlight, the bedroom can be the best place. Direct sunlight can cause your nail polishes to fade out or get discoloured.
  3. Always keep your nail polishes organized in an upright manner so that they do not misbehave whenever you intend to use them.


  1. Heat explodes the nail polish even it is flammable at a certain temperature, don’t keep it in hot places.
  2. Don’t ever keep your nail polishes in the bathroom (which most of us often do) due to humidity your polishes can cause issues.
  3. Always warm the nail polish bottle with the help of your hands before using if you kept it in the fridge.


Q: Is it good to keep nail polish in the fridge?

A: Yes! We recommend keeping your nail polishes store in the fridge for it’s a prolonged lifetime. But it involves procedures to make it stay at room temperature for some time and then apply it.

Q: How do you store nail polish for a long time?

A: You can store your nail polish for a long time by keeping it in the fridge or in darker yet cool places by keeping their lids enclosed correctly. Doing a hand warmth giving procedure every week to make its consistency flowy and shiny enough for a good manicure.

Q: Can nail polish be stored lying down?

A: Keeping the position of nail polish badly impacts when you apply it to your nails. Always keep your nail polish organized on shelves or drawers in an organized manner.

Q: How do you keep nail polish from drying out?

A: You can prevent your nail polish from drying out by keeping it in the fridge or cool, darker place, bedroom or cosmetic area, not in the bathroom to make it not dry out and get discoloured.



Being cautious about manicure and pedicure products involve various things concluding procedures of storing products. We provide our valued readers to grab the authentic information about such things.

We have provided answers to How to store nail polish properly? We have provided tips to cure such concerns to prolong the polishes of solvent and provide durability. We have also mentioned the dos and don’ts of keeping nail polishes.

We have mentioned keeping the solvents in the refrigerator and if you don’t have space in it we’ve mentioned other ways to achieve it.

If you’ve already checked out the procedure for How to store nail polish you may proceed to read other valuable stuff.

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