9 Famous Traditional Chinese Foods You Love

9 Famous Traditional Chinese Foods

 Traditional Chinese foods or cuisines are more common in the world. Regardless of where you reside or wherever you go, you find traditional Chinese foods around you every time.

List of Famous Traditional Chinese Foods

Cuisine from China’s various regions is part of Chinese culture. Also, Chinese cuisine has influenced many other cuisines due to the country’s Chinese diaspora and historical power.

Because of imperial expansion and trading ingredients, changes are made to cater to local palates. Cooking techniques from other cultures are gradually incorporated into Chinese cuisines.

9- Steamed Stuffed Bun 

 The steamed stuffed bun is a flour dough wrapper with stuffing, which is traditional Chinese food.

Zuz Liang created it to sacrifice dead soldiers in battles, an outstanding politician and military strategist. In the three kingdoms period, the stuffing was originally minced beef and mutton, and later the filling came with more and more Diversity.

The name we used today was settled in the Song dynasty. The stuffing can be pork, beef pickled Chinese cabbage, vermicelli, mushrooms, bin paste, eggplant, cabbage, Chinese chives, fried eggs—tofu, and so on.

The types are also enriched, including small steamed buns soup, filled buns, and pan-fried buns.

8- Wonton

Wanton is a traditional Chinese dish made with wheat flour and meat filling like dumplings. But the wrapper is much thinner or can be said transparently.

It is eaten together with the soup. According to the legends, It might get wonton origin from the spring and autumn periods. In the beginning, wonton and dumplings shared the same name by tang dynasty. Locally named these two foods were after the southern song dynasty.

The custom of eating wonton on winter solstice sprang up in the 1990s. Quite a few wontons with new sets of fillings appeared like the filling of lotus root, fresh pork, cured pork, Chinese yam, fresh meat, broad sweet peas, fresh meat, egg yolks, chicken pork, shrimps pork, and vegetables.

7- Moon Cake

The round shape of the Moon cake represents a family reunion and is a traditional Chinese dish for the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

It is also a sacrificial offering to the moon god during the mid-autumn festival. The cheesecake appeared in the late Shang dynasty, and the early zoo dynasty might be the predecessor of moon cake in the tang and song dynasties. 

Moon cake was a royal food later, and It brought it to folk up to the Ming dynasty. Eating moon cake at the mid-autumn festival had become famous inking dynasty. Skills got improved the making skills, and moon cake evolved into many different styles. You get many types of moon cakes whenever in china. The most common stuffing includes:

  • Five nuts.
  • Red bean paste.
  • Roses lotus seed paste.
  • Osmanthus dried plum rock.
  • Sugar ginkgo pork.
  • Floss black sesame ham egg yolk.

6- Dumplings

The dumpling is the most famous traditional Chinese food invented by medical sage Jang Xongjing more than 1 800 years ago. At that time, Chinese herbal medicine was stuffed with mutton to prevent colds and cure paneer in winter.

In three kingdoms, dumplings have been a typical food in northern and southern dynasties. Dumplings became popular around china. people filled them in a bowl with soup to eat together

These Dumplings are now a traditional festival food for Chinese New Year and the Winter Solstice.

Dumplings are filled with various ingredients, including pork, beef, lamb, fish, cabbage, carrots, and leeks. On Chinese New Year’s Day, people eat dumplings to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new.

Dumplings also have the auspicious meanings of good fortune and family reunion.

5- Chinese Noodles

Fifth on our list is Chinese noodles’ time of origin, more than 4 000 years ago.o noodles are one of the oldest traditional Chinese foods. Chinese people have started to eat noodles about 4 000 years ago.

The noodles were small dough sheets first and later leak-wide noodles in the jin dynasty. Thin noodles like strips appeared in the Tang dynasty. A kind of cold noodles that It cooled in cold water appeared.

It was also at the time that They gave long noodles the wonderful wish of longevity. 

Thus, people began to eat the longevity noodles on their birthdays in the northern song dynasty. The name of noodles was fixed, and there were not a few kinds of noodles in the earliest commercial streets.

In the capital city of the yuan dynasty, fine dried noodles that one could preserve long were invented during the long history of the skills of making noodles. Its cooking methods have been continuously improved now people in north china take noodles as a staple food. While southern people more often eat it as a snack. 

Whether noodles are a vitally crucial daily food in China, their shape, thickness, and length vary, as the side ingredients and seasonings.

4- Rice cake

Rice cake, also called new year cake, is a traditional Chinese food eaten on the Chinese new year having a propitious wish of a better new year. It is the cake steamed with glutinous rice flour.

There are red, yellow, and white rice cakes, and people often make them into auspicious shapes such as coins, treasures, and some lucky animals.

It can be fried boiled deep-fried boiled with seasoned soup. It is said rice cake was originated from Suzu in the spring and autumn period, and in the Han dynasty, there were several names for rice cake.

3- Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are famous all over China, especially in the south. this traditional Chinese food is the wheat crust, wrapped with fillings and then deep-fried to be golden.

The dish is aromatic with crisp. Thin crust, the stuffing can be minced, pork, beef, mutton, bin, paste, or mixed vegetables. It is accustomed to eating spring rolls at the beginning of spring.

 There are one of the 24 solar terms to welcome spring and make auspicious wishes.

2- Chinese Pancake

Pancake is a traditional Chinese staple food trendy in northern China, which originated in Shandong province in the jin dynasty. Pancake had specific meanings at some unique festivals.

So, this Pancake was used to fumigate and as a symbol of repairing the sky in the tang dynasty. Furthermore, The Pancake was famous as it was listed as a royal dish in the Song dynasty.

Moreover, Pancake became more welcomed, especially on some festivals such as the Cixi festival in the late ming dynasty.

Also, the cooking method of the current Pancake had formed.

1- Glutenous Rice Balls 

Glutinous rice balls are traditional Chinese food and the festival food of lantern festival and winter solstice. It is made of glutinous rice flour with fillings and shaped like balls.

So, Glutinous rice balls originated from Ningbo xi Jiang province in the Song dynasty. At that time, the filling was black sesames, white sugar, and lard.

 The fillings are various, like black sesame, rose, walnut, kernel, date, paste, pumpkin, fruits, pork, chicken, etc.; it is usually boiled and then eaten with the light soup.

Moreover, sometimes rice wine and white sugar are added for better flavor in various traditional Chinese foods. 

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