Types of nail extensions: how to select the ideal nails 

Top 9 types of nail extensions: super helpful guide & review

Since quite a big assortment of types of fake nail extensions are attainable on the market, sometimes it can be difficult to select the most fitting artificial nails for you — your decision can depend on your style, finances, and your personal liking.

There are various fake nails you can select from. The most favored are acrylics, gel nails, hard gel, poly gel, express nails, and BIAB (builder in a bottle).

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Learning more about the types of nail extensions will help you make the most suitable decision for another nail set.

In this article, you will discover information about these well-liked artificial nail extensions, and it possibly will help you to determine which one you must try.

Diversity of types of fake nails

Do you wish for pretty nails that you will be admiring for a fairly long time? There are varieties of fake nails obtainable nowadays that you can select from:

Acrylic nails

This is possibly the mostfamous type of nail extension. Acrylic nails are a blend of a powder polymer and liquid monomer, which produces a substance that is spread to your natural nail.

The nail tech dips the brush in the liquid and after that dips it in the powder. This forms a drop of a compound that is utilized to build your nails. It does not demand a UV/LED lamp.

Once it was spread and set, the acrylic nails will become harder within several minutes and can then be shaped by nail tech regarding selected shape and length.

It is not difficult to spot nail extensions that are formed with acrylic. Thecolors of the acrylic powder can be quite assortedbecause the nail design can be created right away with the acrylic.

The most favored designs are probably ombre nails, deep French smile lines, or transparent extensions.

The liquid part has a very noticeable, distinct smell; thus, it is advisable to utilize this system in salons that have good ventilation.

It is achievable to get an odorless monomer, nevertheless, this transforms the way it is utilized, and a UV/ LED lamp is required to cure that kind of extension.

Mostly, acrylic nails are the most inexpensive, enduring, and densest of all artificial nail types.

This type of nail is the most suitable choice for lovers of extreme nail lengths. Also, due to the fact that they are not prone to be chipped, acrylic nails are well-fitting for energetic ladies.

However, it is better for you to get it maintained after 2 to 3 weeks as your nails will be growing with time.

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If you are wishing for a nail manicure type that looks more realistic and protects your natural nails at the same time, it is advisable for you to select gel nails

Gel nails are formed out of gel acrylic, which became hard with UV light or an LED nail lamp.

With every spread layer, your nails will be placed under a UV light for a couple of minutes for dryness and curing.

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In case you often do work with your hands or are fairly dynamic, this nail extension type is not suitable for you because it is not as enduring or robust as typical acrylics.

One of the wonderful facts about gel nails is that you don’t need to have them maintained as repeatedly as acrylic nails.

Hard gel

This particular kind of hard gel is issued in pots. The texture of the gel can resemble a very thick varnish. You need to apply it in a few coatings, which ought to be cured with a UV/LED lamp.

Hard gel nail extensions, if you compare them to acrylic nails, don’t have a distinct smell and are self-leveling. But, the curing can provoke heat spikes.

In general, hard gel nail extensions are an enduring choice that can give you more natural nailsthan acrylic nails, as a result. Nail gel extensions are not so dense, they have more flexibility, and look softer.

It is not feasible to dissolve hard gel with acetone. Nevertheless, some brands present specific gels with the help of which this kind can be soaked off.

Nonetheless, most nail technicians use gel, to build the nails, and after that create designs on top utilizing gel polish. This is a preferred technique when the nail technician decides to do detailed nail art.

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Acrygel is a quite new kind that has become fairly well-liked at present. It contains all the merits of acrylics and hard gel nail extensions and merges them into one. It is mostly utilized to build nail extensions, strengthen your natural nails or fix a broken nail. It is typically contained in a tube or pot, and it is fairly dense.

Unfortunately, not many labels present this product, and those that do not have a big assortment of colors.

This suggests that if the customer wishes a different hue or design, it has to be created on top with gel polish.

This particular variety can be shaped on forms, tips, or utilizing dual forms. In case you selected dual forms, this sort of gel is spread inside the shape and then placed onto the natural nail. It demands curing under a UV/LED lamp and then the removal of the shape is necessary. In most cases, one scoop is a satisfactory amount for building the nail.

One of the downsides of this sort is that heat spikes can be induced when it was not spread properly.

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Dip powder

This nail extension includes dipping the nail into colored powder, then it ought to be fixed on top utilizing a clear sealant.

The salon nail technicians now utilize a brush to spread the dip powder onto the nails to maintain hygiene.

This kind of fake nail is a mixture of acrylic and gel nail polish extensions, as it can be long-lasting as acrylics and flexible as gel nails.

Dip powder nails are a covering that can be used for short extensions. It can be fairly problematic to build an apex and correct nail structure, so it is advised to be used as a natural nail overlay instead of creating nail extensions.

One of the main issues with this nail extension is that it is not feasible to do nail art. The maximum you can accomplish is a gradient between colors. If you wish to get a gel polish design on top by a nail artist, it can make every nail thick.

With this, your nails won’t be chipped for up to 4 weeks.

So if you wish to save time and get a nail look that will be enduring, this kind of extending nails will be ideal for you.

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BIAB is a sort of hard gel. Nonetheless, it is contained in a bottle and its texture is less thick. In case a long nail is built, the nail technician ought to build up an apex so that the nail will have a proper structure and won’t be broken.

Because of its light texture, BIAB can take quite a significant amount of time. Thus, this variety is used mainly as a natural nail overlay (providing strength), as a technique for securing a broken nail, correction of chipped corners, or for short nail extensions.

You need to spread it in thin coatings, each of which ought to be cured under a UV/LED lamp. The curing process may induce some temporary heat spikes.

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Express nails

Express nails are the swiftest procedure to receive beautiful nails almost effortlessly. Express, or apres extensions, are not demand many skills at all.

It includes a full-coverage tip and gel. You need to spread the gel under the tip and press it onto the nail. After this, you ought to cure it under a UV/LED lamp. 

It can resemble the manner in which you would stick a press on an artificial nail. Nevertheless, it is more enduring because, in place of nail glue, you use the gel.

This particular sort of nail comes only as transparent tips, so if you wish color on top, you ought to get a gel polish manicure too.

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Fiberglass is utilized paired with hard gel.

It is utilized to build short-medium nail extensions that are long-lasting and pretty light. They are generally natural looking. This technique has been around for a fairly long time but it is just beginning to become more widespread.

Silk wraps

Silk is comparable to fiberglass. You can utilize it to strengthen natural nails or for broken nail fixes.

You need to glue the silk on the nail with the resin, and then it needs the activation with a spray.

Then you must spread the hard gel on top for providing extra support.

This was a fairly common technique for nail extensions in the 80s. Nevertheless, not every nail salon currently presents this variety.

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Frequently asked questions

What Are The Different Kinds Of Nail Extensions?

There are several various types of nails like acrylics, hard gel, dip powder, poly gel, etc.

What Kind Of Nail Extensions Last The Most?

If you wish for a set of extensions that can last for a more lasting duration, it is advisable to select acrylic nails. Removing gel extensions is simpler if you compare them to acrylics and if you regularly get nail extensions done, then it is more reasonable to pick the gel.

What Are The Healthiest Nail Extensions?

If spread and removed in the proper manner, gel extensions are quite safe. They’re regarded as a healthier variety of acrylics, mainly because they are less dangerous to the nail bed. You just need to be certain to find a professional who can be trusted and one who has positive reviews.

Which Fake Nails Last Longest?

Out of all types of nail extensions, dip powder nails are one of the most enduring variants because they are composed of dip powder polymers, which are stronger than those you can discover in gel polish.


Nail enhancements are becoming more popular as more and more people are requesting them. While it can be not so easy to pick the variant that will be perfect for you, knowing more information about them will help you make a more thoughtful choice.

But, remember, selecting perfect artificial nails for yourself ought to depend on your taste. Without regard to which fake nail type you choose, you just ought to maintain them appropriately to keep an excellent look and evade harming your real nails.

Regular nail appointments are advised. It would be just great if you maintained any artificial nails every 2 weeks because your nails still will be growing.

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