Usage Guide to Nail Stencils

Nail Stencils

Manicurists charge many times more than nail art costs. Nail stencils are an appropriate solution for getting great nail art at a low cost.

Nail stencils are an easy way for great nail art. You just need the below things to have this art at home;

  1. Base Coat nail polish and top coat nail polish
  2. Stamping nail polish color 1
  3. Stamping nail polish color 2
  4. Immediately drying top code
  5. Tweezer
  6. Some of the acetone

If you have these things at home you are ready for great nail art. Just a little trick and consistency are required and you will be done. You can get stencils of your favorite designs from the market or make these stickers on your own. It does not involve any science but you should be attentive;

What are nail Stencils?

Nail stencils are something that helps manicure geeks get easy and amazing nail art. These are made of adhesive sheets and fit on nails exactly. We apply nail stencils on a first pigmented coat of polish and then apply another color of polish over it.

We, then take off the stencil and see amazing nail art on our nails. If you believe that you are creative enough for creating these stencils on your own it’s not that difficult.

Tips to Make Your Own Stencils

If you think that you’re creative enough to create nail art designs appropriately and have some idea in your mind this is so good. 

  1. You might have some adhesive paper at your home. If it’s not go to the store and buy some of it.
  2. You can use stickers too for preparing nail stickers.
  3. Get a set of scissors to make creative cuts and make it happen.
  4. Take a sharp-ended pencil and draw some simple designs first like a tree or something which is not much difficult to make cuts.
  5. Don’t let the adhesive base be torn or destroyed be careful about making amazing cuts.
  6. Try if you haven’t done it perfectly
  7. After some attempts, you’ll surely make a masterpiece…

How to Apply Nail Stencils?

  1. Apply a base coat polish to your nails and wait until it gets dried.
  2. Now, use pigmented nail (whatever color is your choice) to apply a layer over the base coat.
  3. Pick a top coat polish that dries out immediately (it is recommended)
  4. Now carefully apply nail stencils to your nails.
  5. Make it flat and ensure that it does not have any bumps and is smooth enough.
  6. Now pick up the polish of any other color of choice and apply it on the nail, don’t fill up the stencil area and cover it up as well.
  7. If your nail polish brush is not in good condition use a regular makeup sponge it applies it 
  8. A makeup sponge is a way better applicator for better stencil nail art.
  9. Nail polish would not get absorbed into the stencils and will cover the not stenciled area which will give your nail good nail art.
  10. Now pick a tweezer and take the stencil gently while not disturbing the art you have created so far.
  11. Your nail stencil art has been created.


Don’t let nail polish be dried until your take off your nail stencils it can destroy your nail art.

Tips For Using Nail Stencils

  1. Use Tweezers To Takeoff off nail stencils.
  2. Make sure that your pigmented coat polish has been dried and has no moisture when you apply stencils.
  3. Use Top Coat which dries immediately and takes no more time for making it dry. 
  4. Don’t apply the bumpy stencil to make it smooth to achieve great nail art.
  5. Take off the stencils when the polish has not been dried yet.
  6. A makeup sponge works better than a nail polish brush and applies a thin layer of the top layer with ease.

You’ll might love using nail stencils, but you will always need to use them properly. Check out the video for proper procedure of it.


Q: Are Nail Stencils Reusable?

A: It genuinely depends upon the quality of stencils and whether they can be used more than once or not. If you have high-quality stencils and you properly care for them. You peel them with care to not to get them torn and then clean them with recommended materials so you can surely use them again.

Q: How Do You Remove Nail Stencils?

A: Peeling off stencils is a very important step. So, you don’t get the nail art destroyed or get the stencil torn. Soak a few minutes in acetone and your stencils will get easily removed. But, apply petroleum jelly to the cuticles before going through the procedure.

Q: What Are Tools That Great Manicurists Use?

  1. Manicure Tweezers. 
  2. Tap that we use in nail art
  3. Dotting Tool
  4. Nail Polish assistant Pen
  5. Brush with a slight tip
  6. Nail polish removing solution or pads
  7. A quality Top Coat


Having a great manicure is a wish of everyone. It’s all about how your hands look and people admire you for this. A female always appreciates being praised by anyone. Manicure and then nail art becomes so costly while it does not involve too much cost,

Nail stencils result in good nail art if applied correctly. You can get them applied with ease. We love it when people get desired outcome out of their hard work.

This article is having too much information about nail stencils. So, if you’re a manicure geek and want to save costs you have to pay at the saloon read this article and you’ll get what you wanted from it.

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