What is the difference between regular Nail Polish and Gel Polish

Did you realize there’s more to manicures than just traditional nail polish? If you’re like me, who notices someone’s nails before their eyes, you’ll be intrigued by the world of Gel Polish! You can now safely execute salon-quality manicures right from the comfort of your home using Gel Polish. But why opt for Gel Polish over conventional nail polish? Understanding their differences could help you decide which suits you best. What is the difference between regular Nail Polish and Gel Polish?

What is the difference between regular Nail Polish and Gel Polish

What is Gel Nail Polish?

Gel Polish stands between regular nail polish and full gel nails. It merges the best traits of both. Just like traditional nail polish, Gel Polish is applied directly onto the natural nails without the ability to extend them. However, to set a Gel Polish manicure, you’ll need a LED lamp. Gel Polish only hardens under this lamp through a process called polymerization, where short molecular chains link into long, durable chains, forming a resilient network. This curing process not only hardens the gel but also reinforces the nails, ensuring the polish remains intact for up to 21 days.

What is Regular Nail Polish?

Regular nail polish, available in a myriad of colors, is thinner than Gel Polish and dries naturally without the need for a lamp. Variations like PN Nail Polish, used with the Perfect Base and Forever Shine top coat, promise a wear of up to 7 days. For those quick color refreshes, traditional nail polish is straightforward and lamp-free.

Benefits of Gel Nail Polish

The longevity of Gel Polish is remarkable, lasting more than twice as long as regular nail polish while maintaining a natural look. Its durability means your nails stay pristine and less prone to scratches throughout their extended wear.

Another significant benefit is the absence of drying time post-application. Thanks to the LED lamp curing, you can immediately resume your activities without worrying about smudging or damaging your manicure. However, be aware that Gel Polish often has a tacky layer post-curing that needs to be wiped off to avoid a sticky finish.

Benefits of Regular Nail Polish

Regular nail polish may not have the longevity of gel options, but with the right application techniques, it can still last impressively. Using a quality nail varnish combined with a solid base coat and top coat can extend wear up to 7 days. The base coat serves a dual purpose: it not only helps the color adhere better but also protects the natural nails from discoloration often caused by pigments in the polish. Application of regular nail polish is quicker compared to Gel Polish, as it simply air dries without the need for a lamp.

Regular nail polish is also versatile, being suitable for both fingernails and toenails. On toenails, polish tends to last longer due to less frequent exposure and damage. Using a base and top coat can further enhance durability and shine.

However, the drying time for regular nail polish can be a drawback. The saying “The only time a woman is helpless is when her nail polish is drying” humorously captures the waiting period associated with traditional polishes.

Another advantage of regular nail polish is its ease of removal. Unlike Gel Polish, which can be challenging and sometimes damaging to remove, regular nail polish can be quickly and easily wiped away with nail polish remover, facilitating frequent color changes.

Gel Manicure vs Regular Manicure: Choosing the Right Option

When it comes to durability and wear, Gel Polish stands out as the superior choice. It’s particularly beneficial for those who prefer a manicure that withstands daily rigors without frequent touch-ups. However, the removal process for Gel Polish can be more labor-intensive and may require special care to avoid nail damage. Therefore, selecting high-quality Gel Polish products is crucial for maintaining healthy nails. If longevity and a robust finish are your priorities, Gel Polish might be the best choice. Conversely, if you enjoy changing colors often and prefer a simpler, faster application and removal process, regular nail polish would be more suitable.

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