Working Woman Have To Stay At Their Homes, A journalist Reacted

Working woman have to stay at their homes, A journalist reacted.

Working women have to stay in their homes, A journalist reacted.

Zahida Fyze, an Afghan journalist, was seen as disappointed and has shed tears while fleeing from Afghanistan. She has intended to leave her beloved country just because she could not be found here safe in the regime of the Taliban.

As she was not free to work independently, she preferred to leave the country and continue her services on another piece of land.

Taliban asked the female workers to stay in here houses till a safe system for the working woman came into existence.

Like Zahida Fyze, many other journalists and miscellaneous workers were disappointed that they could no longer work freely. 

As the cruelty of the Taliban has evolved on the minds of ordinary people, the liberal residents of Kabul and the whole of Afghanistan show fear for their jobs and independent living style.

Here, to mention, Taliban haven’t restricted women to staying in their home always but to stay till a safe system for them come into existence. 

Zaib-u-Allah Mujahid Said That Working Women Have To Stay In Their Homes Temporarily

Taliban Spokesman Zaib-u-Allah Mujahid said to the BBC reporter, “Working women in Afghanistan must stay at home until proper systems are in place to ensure their safety.”

He concluded that ” It is a very temporary process.”

Which shows that it was not to stay forever. Also, the working woman in Afghanistan was temporarily asked to stay in their homes for the sake of their safety.

Only till they make the environment safe for them to work independently, but some people took it in the wrong direction.

Also, Zahida Fyze did not understand their efforts and shed tears. She feared that someday, at some point, the Taliban would kill her for the cause of her work.

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